Baby of the Week: Kitt Devenney Marshall

Kitt Devenney Marshall - baby of the week
Kitt Devenney Marshall - baby of the week

THE DETAILS: Kitt Devenney Marshall was born on New Year’s Day 2018 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, weighing 7lbs 8oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Stacey Johnstone (30) is a Childsmile dental nurse, while dad James Marshall (35) is a facilities supervisor for Robertson’s. The family live in Readingmuirhead, with Benito the dog and Canelo the cat.

THE PREGNANCY: Stacey struggled with sickness for 20weeks during her first pregnancy, but later felt better

THE BIRTH: Kitt was born at 39 weeks and due to a high heart rate the labour was induced. He was born at 3.23pm.

THE BABY: Stacey said Kitt is a little lad and that he couldn’t be more boyish. He has settled in well at home.

THE NAME: Stacey thought of the name because of the Cinderella film prince, and Knight Rider fan James was happy! Devenney was for Kitt’s late great-gran Margaret Devenney, who Stacey said would have adored him.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Kitt’s grandparents are Caroline Marshall and Elizabeth and Peter Johnstone. Kitt loves his grandpa very much.

THANKS: Stacey and James would like to thank the midwives for helping them through a very difficult birth, and their parents for all of their help and support.