Baby of the week: Hollie Anne Murphy

Hollie Anne Murphy
Hollie Anne Murphy

Hollie Anne Murphy was born on December 28, 2017 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, weighing 8lbs 8oz. The family stay in Bonnybridge.

THE PARENTS: Mum Rachelle Scott (22) works in Tesco and is also a supply early years practitioner for the council in nurseries. Dad William Murphy (33) also works in Tesco with Rachelle, and is also a DJ.

THE PREGNANCY: Rachelle said that everything went so smoothly that she did not find out about little Hollie until she was five months pregnant.

THE BIRTH: The birth also seemed quick and easy for Rachelle, with Hollie born at 40 weeks and only a couple of days late, at 7.56am.

THE BABY: Hollie is a very happy, easy-going baby who has settled in well to the house and sleeps well through the night. She also adores Rachelle’s mother’s dog Freddo, a ten-year-old Jack Russell, even if he can get a little jealous of her.

THE NAME: Dad William came up with the name Hollie while they were still in the hospital and Rachelle liked it so that’s what they settled on.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Hollie’s grandparents are Rachelle’s parents Kirsteen Gillan and Graham Scott, and William’s dad Jim Murphy.

THANKS: The parents would like to thank their friends and family, and Rachelle also thanked her work colleagues, who she would not have got through the pregnancy without.