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Craig Michael Martin
Craig Michael Martin

The birth of Craig Michael Martin

THE DETAILS: Craig Michael Martin was born on September 19 at Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 9.45 p.m. weighing 4lb 4oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Helen is 29 and works for a trade union and dad Craig (27) is a local councillor and has just completed a PhD in chemistry. Michael, as he is known, is the couple’s first baby.

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy went well, although Helen suffered quite a bit of sickness.

THE BIRTH: Little Michael was eight weeks early when he made his appearance. Because he was so small, he spent four weeks in hospital, including time in the neo-natal unit.

THE BABY: Michael is doing great and is a smiley, happy baby. His favourite thing to watch is a bear that wiggles as it sings.

THE NAME: The baby is named ‘Craig’ after both his dad and granddad, and Michael after his other granddad.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Michael is doted on by grandparents Craig and Senga Martin of Falkirk and Michael and Eileen McGuigan of Northern Ireland.

THANKS: Thanks are extended to the excellent staff at the hospital who took such good care of Michael when he was first born.