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Anan Devlin
Anan Devlin
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The birth of Anan Devlin

The parents: Mum Eleanor (34) is from Glasgow and is administration manager of an engineering consultancy. Dad John (40) is also from Glasgow and is a photographer with The Falkirk Herald. Anan is little sister to John’s daughter Daisy (15).

The pregnancy: The pregnancy went smoothly.

The birth: Anan arrived a week late by emergency section after she became distressed. She spent a little time in intensive care with breathing difficulties but was soon back with her mum and going from strength to strength.

The baby: Anan is a happy baby with a lovely smile. She’s also very good to her parents - she sleeps all night and eats all day. She also enjoys playing with her toy zebra, Michael Jackson.

The name: John and Eleanor realised during the pregnancy that they didn’t like the same kind of names! Anan was the one girl’s name they agreed on - it’s Arabic and means clouds.

The grand-parents: Anan is granddaughter to Maeve McGlynn and Frances Devlin, both of Glasgow.

Thanks: Thanks to the midwives and staff of PRM. and to everyone who has given the parents advice.