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Cameron Spalding
Cameron Spalding
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The birth of Cameron Spalding

THE DETAILS: Cameron Spalding was born on September 26 in Forth Valley Royal Hospital at 6 a.m. weighing 7lb 7oz.

THE PARENTS: Mum Andrea Spalding is 35 and does clerical work at the hospital, and dad Robert (39) works in car sales in Camelon. The family live in Carronshore.

THE PREGNANCY: Andrea had a lot of sickness throughout her pregnancy, and a lot of pelvic pain so she was glad when little Cameron finally arrived.

THE BIRTH: Baby Spalding was almost two weeks early when Andrea went into labour. But it was all very fast in the end with the labour lasting only four hours.

THE BABY: Cameron is a great wee baby who is very content and is happy eating and sleeping his way through his early days. He also gets lots of attention from his big brothers, Greg (4) and Scott (19).

THE NAME: Dad Robert first mentioned ‘Cameron’ which the couple both really liked. Andrea says her new baby really suits his name.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Cameron is a fifth grandchild for James and Margaret Kay of Dunipace, and another grandchild for Rab Spalding and Mary Wardrope of Armadale.

THANKS: Special thanks go to all family and friends for their support and to the Bluebell team at the hospital.