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Lucy May Bryson
Lucy May Bryson
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The birth of Lucy May Bryson

THE PARENTS: Mum Amy McNeilage is 30 and a sales advisor in Falkirk and dad Colin Bryson is 31 who works for Marshalls in Falkirk. Lucy is the couple’s second baby and the family live in Larbert.

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy was very straightforward with no problems at all. Amy suffered from bad heartburn throughout but said that the nine months flew in, especially with the couple’s 18-month-old toddler Finlay to look after.

THE BIRTH: Little Lucy was 13 days early. Amy had started to feel uncomfortable pains at around 8 p.m. and arrived at hospital at 11.20 p.m. Lucy was born 18 minutes later.

THE BABY: Lucy is a very content, happy baby who is almost sleeping through the night. She is also starting to smile and is becoming much more alert and notice what’s going on. She is also doted on by big brother Finlay who make sure she always has a toy in her cot to cuddle.

THE NAME: Both Amy and Colin liked the name ‘Lucy’ which they decided on as their girl’s name late on the pregnancy. ‘May’ is after Amy’s grandmother.

THE GRANDPARENTS: Lucy is a third grandchild but first grand-daughter for Amy’s parents Alan and Margaret McNeilage from New Carron Village.

THANKS: Special thanks go to all family and friends for their gifts and generosity after the birth.