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Emily Fish
Emily Fish

The birth of Emily Karen Fish

the parents: Mum Aileen Fraser (21) is from Grangemouth and a catering assistant at Aramark while dad Jamie (21), who also wroks at Aramark, is from Falkirk. The family live in Grangemouth.

The pregnancy: Aileen said she had the perfect pregnancy and suffered no morning sickness. She said: “I was really lucky.”

the birth: The birth was very quick. Aileen went into hospital at 7.30 a.m. and Emily was born just two and a half hours later. Aileen said: “I was glad it was all over so fast but it meant there was no time for pain relief.”

The baby: Emily is a happy, smiley baby although she has her moments of being very grumpy. She is not sleeping through the night just yet but is getting there.

the name: Throughout the pregnancy Jamie and Aileen had decided Kayla would be the name if they had a girl but, as soon as she was born, they switched to Emily because it suited her more. Her middle name Karen is after Aileen’s sister, who was her birthing partner.

the grandparents: Emily is doted on by grandparents Jacqueline Elliot and Steven Fish, Margaret and Thomas Fraser and Jamie Findlay and Claire Fish.

thanks: Special thanks to Karen for all her help and grandparents Jamie and Jacqueline for their help and support.