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Cole Keenon
Cole Keenon

The birth of Cole Keenon

The parents: Romana Lemetti (31) is a support worker from Camelon. Martin Kennon (32) is an off-shore worker from Aberdeen. Cole is a brother for Ryan (12) and Nico Lemetti (5).

The pregnancy: “It was great,” says Romana. “Tiredness was the only problem, with having two other boys to run around after, but there were no problems.”

The birth: Romana was lucky to have an equally straightforward birth, going in to hospital at 8 a.m. and having only gas an air for pain relief. She said: “The midwife, Linda McColl, was great - she was very experienced and it all went fine.”

THE baby: “He’s doing great!” Romana said. “He is laughing and giggling now and he is sleeping all night, from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. He is really good natured.”

The name: Romana said: “One of the boys watches a show on the Disney channel called ‘The Sweet Life of Zak and Cody’ and I saw the name on the credits. Charles is after Martin’s grandad, and I wanted Lemetti in the name, so all the boys would have my family name in their names.”

the grandparents: Cole is the third grandchild for Joseph and Janet Lemetti, from Camelon, and the first grandson for Raymond and Ann Keenon, from Aberdeen.

Thanks: Romana would like to thank the Bluebell team and midwife Linda McColl for their care and the couple’s family and friends for all their support and the many gifts baby Cole has received.