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Keir Brockie
Keir Brockie

The birth of Keir McIntosh Brockie

THE PARENTS: Mum Tracey (38) is from Larbert and works as a music teacher in primary schools, while dad Keith (38) is from Edinburgh and works in IT in the capital. The family live in New Carron.

THE PREGNANCY: The pregnancy went fine, although towards the end Tracey was a bit sore, especially when walking.

THE BIRTH: Tracey was to have a planned section three weeks before her due date. She went to hospital the night before to get settled in, but her waters broke at 3 a.m.. The section went ahead, but Tracey needed time to recover the next day, leaving Keir’s delighted daddy to spent his first day with his son.

THE BABY: Keir is a fabulous baby. He sleeps through the night, but, when he’s hungry, you know all about it! Mum and dad are enjoying every minute, and Keir is busy exploring shapes and colours.

THE NAME: Tracey went through a baby book of names and wrote a shortlist. Keith whittled the list down further, but the couple decided to wait until the baby was born and then settled on Keir.

THE GRANDPARENTS: The grandparents are Ann and Jim McIntosh of Stenhousemuir, and Isobel and John Brockie of Edinburgh.

THANKS: Thanks go to Tracey’s mum and dad for all the running around and help, and to the consultant and the midwives at Stirling Royal.