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Twins Emma and Anna Gilbert
Twins Emma and Anna Gilbert

The birth of Emma Elizabeth Gilbert and Anna Christina Gilbert

THE DETAILS: Twins Emma Elizabeth Gilbert and Anna Christina Gilbert were born on January 21 at Stilring Royal Infirmary at 10.57 a.m. and 11.02 a.m. weighing 5lb 12oz and 6lb 10oz.

THE PARENTS: Rebecca Gilbert, originally from Falkirk, is 27 and a full-time mum. Dad James Gilbert is 36, from Falkirk, and an engineer mainly based in Singapore. The twins are first babies for the couple and the new family live in Reddingmuirhead.

THE PREGNANCY: Rebecca said that pregnancy was fantastic, and she had no problems at all. She said: “Finding out I was having twins really was a surprise because they don’t run in the family at all.”

THE BIRTH: Rebecca had a planned section when she was 38 weeks pregnant.

THE BABIES: Emma and Anna are both eating and sleeping well. Emma is a placid little baby but Anna is a bit more vocal.

THE NAMES: Rebecca and James liked the names Emma and Anna. Elizabeth is after Rebecca’s mum and Christina is after Rebecca’s grandmother.

THE GRANDPARENTS: The twins are first grandchildren for Elizabeth Christie and her partner Stephen McCart from Shieldhill.

THANKS: Thanks go to family and friends who sent lovely cards and generous gifts, and special thanks to Maureen Hay from the maternity team at Stirling Royal. Also thanks to Rebecca’s cousin Julie Brown for all her help and support and for nomimating the twins as babies of the week. The twins are also first nieces for Graham Christie.