Artist makes surprise appearance at Shieldhill PS

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Pupils at Shieldhill Primary had a surprise visitor at the end of term.

Artist Claire Barratt, who founded the Claireabella range, popped in after hearing about an art project the youngsters had been involved in.

According to head teacher Robyn Wisbey, the pupils spent seven weeks combining art skills and life decisions with career choices.

She said: “We looked at the success story of Claire Barratt, who started off as a prison guard and but became an extremely successful designer by turning her passion for art in to a career. She founded and built her Claireabella range, which is now a famous brand and is hugely popular in places all over the world, and she heard about our project and wanted to surprise the children with a visit.”

As well as showing Claire their own work, the children were able to watch her produce one of her caricatures before receiving a gift from the artist who in only seven years has turned her business into a top brand name.