89% of Scots pay for items they don’t even use on holiday

Do you take stuff you don't need?
Do you take stuff you don't need?

Half term is fast approaching, and as people are planning their autumn getaway, new research has uncovered that Scots are officially a country of over-packers, with money being wasted on items that they aren’t even using.

With 42 per cent of Scots having previously paid for excess baggage (£44.21 on average), 89 per cent don’t even use all the items they pack and could save money by packing more efficiently.

The study, conducted by discount voucher website MyVoucherCodes, found that books (43 per cent) and excessive toiletries (30 per cent) are the worst offenders for unused items, followed by too many shoes, after-sun and warm items such as jumpers and hoodies all coming in at 26 per cent.

But not everyone is happy to part with their cash at check-in…

Thirty-six per cent of Scots reported they moved as many items as they could from their hold luggage into their hand luggage to avoid excess charges.

A further 36 per cent stated they would try to fit some of their luggage into a fellow traveller’s luggage while 13 per cent would attempt to wear as many of their clothes as possible to avoid having to throw anything away.

Profile of a Scottish over-packer:

Folds their clothes when packing (58 per cent)

Thinks they are more of a bookworm than they actually are (43 per cent)

Reckons they’ll need more toiletries (30 per cent)

Puts extra items in a fellow traveller’s luggage (36 per cent)

Tries to wear as many clothing items as possible when over the limit (13 per cent)

Forgets to check facilities at their destination (6 per cent)

Chris Reilly, managing director of MyVoucherCodes commented: “Holiday goers should check their luggage allowance before packing so there are no nasty surprises at the airport.”