Kincardine Way meatsall the requirementsof a Brewers Fayre

I was planning to start this review with the observation that you always know what you'll get at a Brewers Fayre but then I remembered a previous visit to such an establishment.

My wife and I were perusing the menu when a waitress helpfully informed us that they were running a series of themed evenings and we had happened to pop in on Thai night.

Our interest suitably piqued, we both decided to give it a go and looked forward to sampling some spicy treats.

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However, confusion reigned when we arrived at the buffet and there wasn’t a curry in sight until it eventually dawned on us that we’d misheard the waitress and what we’d actually signed up for was ‘pie night’.

No such problems this time around, however, as the Sunday carvery (£9.99) was what took us along to Kincardine Way for a wee Mother’s Day treat.

My mother had chosen the same venue for her birthday meal a few weeks earlier and we were impressed enough to make a return visit.

Thai/pie confusion aside you can pretty much guarantee what to expect at any of the restaurants in the chain, decent food at a decent price and a extensive enough menu to ensure that there will be something to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

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While eight of us had attended the birthday celebration, that number had been trimmed to four for this visit, which was just as well on a day when the world and its granny (mother too, obviously) go out in search of something to eat.

To mark the occasion the restaurant – and Brewers Fayres in general no doubt – was offering a special Mother’s Day version of the traditional carvery, with a starter and sweet included for a little extra, but we were happy to go straight to the main event.

There was also the option to go for four slices of meat rather than three but given the trimmings are served on an all-you-can-eat basis, there was no danger of us going hungry.

Between us we sampled all the traditional offerings – chicken, pork and beef – and there was no complaints with any of them, although I think got the better of the deal by going up after the two mums in the party and getting there just as a new joint of beef was being brought through.

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The side dishes also did the job but you can’t go far wrong when you’re given free rein to stock up on as much roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, vegetables, cauliflower cheese, Yorkshire puddings and stuffing as you like.

Not surprising then that only young Calum – who had happily tucked into the cod bites, chips and beans (£3.99) from the kids menu could manage a sweet.

Yes, decent food at a decent price right enough – my only gripe being that they could have probably done with a few more people serving on such a busy day. Our waitress, while extremely helpful and friendly, was looking after too many tables and there were a few mistakes with our order.

She did speak clearly though ...

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