Look back and read all about the Falkirk area RED Book Awards for 2012

Since 2006 hundreds of 13 and 14 year olds from the Falkirk area have voted for their favourite books in the annual RED Book Award oragnised by Falkirk Council’s library services under the leadership of Yvonne Manning.

Youngsters have also had the chance to meet acclaimed authors from across the UK.

The event used to be held in Falkirk Town Hall – moving to the Grangemouth Town Hall this year.

RED stands for Read, Enjoy, Debate and for 17 years that’s exactly what pupils have done, getting an opportunity to air their views and ask questions of authors.

Yvonne Manning, Falkirk Council's principal librarian, who founded the RED Book Awards, said: “The awards were launched to encourage more young people aged 13 and 14 to pick up a book and read for fun. Over the years the ceremony has evolved, with hands-on activities added to the mix to help pupils unleash their creativity. Each year I am totally blown away by the enthusiasm and effort the pupils put into their work, and how wonderfully imaginative they all are.”