Scots only at their best for a few hours

Residents of Scotland spend just four-and-a-half hours '˜at their best' per day according a recent survey.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 5th March 2016, 11:00 am

The poll, by Tilda Basmati rice, found that a lack of energy is having a massive effect on our daily lives, with the average adult making five mistakes a week at work due to tiredness or a slump – 260 per year. Tiredness, energy slumps and constant distractions from our colleagues mean we are only functioning at our best for just a few hours per day.

So what is holding residents of Scotland back from being at their best in the day? Three out of five people reported that they felt low on energy in the workplace, with 85 per cent of respondents adding that they struggled to shake off the workplace energy slump even when back home.

Constant access to the internet and phone calls emerged as the two most common distractions in the day for Scottish residents, leading to 32 per cent of people forgetting why they entered a room in the first place. For a quick energy boost, 42 per cent of people in Scotland grabbed a cup of coffee to battle the mid-afternoon lull with, despite more than half confessing to this being an unhealthy habit.

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Dr Sarah Schenker, dietitian, said: “It’s not surprising to hear that many people turn to sugary snacks in an attempt to boost energy levels, but actually this is a mistake as the energy is short-lived and they quickly feel just as tired as they did before. Sometimes this can lead to a negative cycle of snacking and feeling lethargic, which could ultimately lead to weight gain.

“Breaking deeply-ingrained snacking habits to make sensible food choices that reflect lifestyle and energy needs can be the turning point for many to overhaul energy levels and improve wellbeing.”