Residents step out for Denny's first post lockdown Braveheart Walk

Healthy living charity Braveheart enjoyed a great turnout of people for its brand new weekly walk in the Denny area.

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 8:52 am

The 30 minute or one-hour foot-powered fitness excursions kicked offon Friday, with those taking part meeting up in the car park of Denny Sports Centre, in Town House Street.

For a number of years now Braveheart has been providing a range of free health related activities to support people of all ages to live healthier lives. The organisation’s wide variety of groups give people a chance to take time out to look after their health, and have some fun along the way.

Now walking groups, including the new Denny one, are starting back up again as COVID-19 restrictions relax and the weather improves with the aim of getting people active again after another long lockdown.

Braveheart volunteers lead people on the first of a new series of post lockdown walks in the Denny area

Braveheart chairman Gordon Thomson said: “As spring weather creeps towards us, so too does the very real prospect of life returning to some sort of normal. The

weather is getting a bit warmer, the nights a little longer and there is a programme laid out by the Scottish government where the barriers of the last 12 months are slowly scheduled to come down.

"Nonetheless it is important our rejuvenation does not cause us to move faster than we should. This applies to us all as individuals and of course, to Braveheart as an organisation.

"We have a duty of care for our employees, our volunteers and all those that engage with what we do. We recognise that what Braveheart offers will be more important to more people than ever before.

Who's ready for a walk? Braveheart launches a new post lockdown weekly health walk in Denny.

"Lockdown has had a negative impact on the physical and mental health of many people, and we know Braveheart can be part of that recovery. Many of you are enthusiastic to return to walking with Braveheart, to get back to regular exercise and chatting with people you have not seen for many months.

"And this is starting to happen, albeit we will need to wait before we can have that coffee and biscuit in the local café.”

For more information on the new Denny walk contact [email protected] or call 07795283508.