People of Falkirk asked to help mark organ donor register’s big milestone

People in the Falkirk area and beyond are encouraged to make their organ donation decision known as the NHS Organ Donor Register marks its first quarter century,

Since it began 25 years ago, there have been 1868 organ donors in Scotland – a third of which were known to be on the register – leading to over 6000 lives being saved or improved.

In the Forth Valley area, 46.6 per cent of the population is currently on the NHS Organ Donor Register, with just over 2.6 million people having already registered their donation decision nationally – that’s 49 per cent of the Scottish population.

There are over 550 people in Scotland currently awaiting a transplant – one donor can save or transform the lives of up to nine people and even more by donating tissue.

The centralised donor register allows specialist nurses in organ donation to quickly and easily check if someone has indicated they wish to donate and the register will continue to play an important role when the law around organ and tissue donation changes next Autumn.

The change in law means if people have not registered their decision, it may be assumed they are willing to donate when they die.

A sensitive discussion with the family will always take place when a person is dying and any decision registered will be made available to families to help them support what their relative would have wanted.

Everyone has a choice so people are being encouraged to make their organ decision known, now and in the lead up to the law change, by recording it on the register and talking to their family.

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