Maternity records go online in Forth Valley

Pregnant women in Forth Valley will soon be able to access a summary of their maternity notes online.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th August 2017, 3:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:56 am

The new secure system will mean they no longer have to carry paper copies of their notes with them.

Launching on August 28 for all women accessing maternity services in the area, the new system is known as BadgerNet.

There will be an opt-out feature for those without access to the internet.

Val Arbuckle, additional support midwifery sister, said the new system would cut down on admin for midwives and clinicians allowing them to spend more time with patients.

She said: “BadgerNet means women will no longer have to remember to bring their notes to each appointment and midwives and clinicians involved in their care will have real-time access to their maternity records. These can be easily updated at each maternity visit or appointment, in either a community or hospital setting.”

To ensure the service has all the relevant information required to develop an electronic maternity record pregnant women can email the service on [email protected] to request their first appointment with a midwife.

An automatic response will be sent which will include a template to be completed with all the relevant information. Alternatively, if they phone the maternity unit on 01324 567146 to make a first appointment they will be asked a number of questions to help create the new electronic record.

All information is held securely and cannot be accessed without the appropriate login details (similar to internet banking). Registration details and how to access maternity records either by an app or via the internet will be given at the first booking appointment and will also be available on the NHS Forth Valley website

Val Arbuckle added: “Many women use computers, tablets and iOS devices these days and we hope that by introducing the new service, it will make it easier and more convenient for woman to access information and monitor the progress of their