Kilimanjaro total for Strathcarron Hospice climbs to £118,000

Team Strathcarron 2019 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Strathcarron Hospice.  Picture: Michael Gillen.
Team Strathcarron 2019 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Strathcarron Hospice. Picture: Michael Gillen.

The 19 trekkers who took on the gruelling climb to the top of the world’s freestanding mountain in aid of Strathcarron Hospice have now raised over £118,000.

The team spent five days climbing in challenging conditions and extreme temperatures to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania back in September.

And their efforts have paid off as they have raised a phenomenal amount of money for the hospice.

The total of £118,109 will pay for ten days of care across all of Strathcarron’s services, including its 24 bed in-patient unit, day care, community clinical nurse specialists and Hospice@Home.

Claire Macdonald, fundraiser at the hospice and one of the trekkers, said: “Kilimanjaro was more challenging than I ever could have imagined and it certainly was not a holiday. To reach the final summit, we climbed for nine hours through the night, in the pitch black, with nothing but our head torches for light.

“We battled with extreme altitude sickness – many of us suffered severe headaches and were physically sick – and we had to contend with extreme temperatures too.

“I think all that kept us going was the thought of the patients and families supported by the hospice. This challenge, for many of us, was a way to show our support and ensure the hospice can continue to provide specialist care and support to local people when it is needed most.”

Irene McKie, chief executive, said: “On behalf of everyone here at Strathcarron Hospice, I want to congratulate our trekkers on the outstanding fundraising they have achieved.

“The group has currently raised £118,109 and this will be used towards the specialist care, love and support our patients and families need, either in the hospice or out in a person’s usual residence.

“I want to extend my sincere thanks to each of our trekkers for all they have done and pass on my appreciation to their friends and family who supported them.”

The team who took on the Kilimanjaro challenge alongside Strathcarron fundraiser Claire MacDonald, were Adie Shepherd, Stuart Scott, Tom Chambers, Ashleigh Smith, Graham Chambers, Lorna Sellwood, Laura Connelly, Georgia Jenkins, Stephen Carr, Heather Love, George White, Bobby Arbuckle, Jamie Hislop, Andy Allen, Marianne Stewart, Julia Foster, Ken Maclean and Alan Johnston.

Some of Team Strathcarron got together last week to celebrate their £118,109 total.

The Kilimanjaro climb has given team members a new sense of adventure and some of them are already seeking a new challenge to look forward to.

So much so that Claire MacDonald and Tom Chambers have already signed up to complete the new Stirling Scottish Marathon when it takes place next October in aid of Strathcarron Hospice.