Hidden Hearing charity cycle hits the road at the Kelpies

The Kelpies will be a key stop at a special charity relay next week in aid of the Campaign for Better Hearing.

Staff aim to raise cash for Alzheimer’s Research UK by pedalling on exercise bikes in seven different locations from Ayr to Inverness.

A spokesperson said: “Through damage caused by the disease, the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s can weigh around 140 grams less than a healthy brain – about the weight of an orange.

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“Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, a condition which affects almost a million people across the UK.

“For some, problems with hearing may lead to social isolation or depression, both of which have been linked to an increased risk of dementia.”

Hidden Hearing will be on the road for three months, stopping in 49 towns and cities throughout the UK, spreading the message to test your ears at 55 years.”

The Campaign for Better Hearing Roadshow will be in town centres and Tesco stores across Scotland.

People are invited to go along for a free hearing screen and meet the team – and perhaps join in the relay by having a stint on the exercise bike themselves.