Grangemouth's Anne takes to the catwalk after fighting cancer

Anne Riley took to the catwalk to help Breast Cancer CareAnne Riley took to the catwalk to help Breast Cancer Care
Anne Riley took to the catwalk to help Breast Cancer Care
A Grangemouth resident, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, took to the catwalk in front of hundreds of people at The Breast Cancer Care Scotland Fashion Show.

The show saw Anne Riley strut her stuff alongside 22 other women who have had a breast cancer diagnosis, modelling a range of outfits at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

The 52-year-old mother-of-two said: “It was an absolutely fantastic day – just wonderful.

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“It’s hard to explain how great it was but all of us who took part got on so well, we just had a fantastic time!”

Anne was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, when she experienced tremendous pain in her arms.

“I was a swimming instructor at that time, so they thought it was pectoral pain but when it got really bad I was sent for a scan.

“They found a tiny tumour – I didn’t feel any lumps at all – but by then it was secondary and had moved into my liver and my lungs.”

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But despite Anne being told her cancer could not be cured, she has found the treatment to be more effective than she could ever have dared to hope.

“I’ve had chemotherapy and I still go for injections of Herceptin every three months.

“For me, it’s really been a wonder drug.

“When I was diagnosed my daughters were young, so I was determined to see them grow up.

“I was told by the oncologist that the treatment goes in five-year cycles, so I decided to have a big party every five years to celebrate and also to raise funds!

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“I had one for my 40th, my 45th and my 50th - and I’m looking forward to my 55th!”

Anne is pleased to share her story with others, hoping anyone in a similar situation will take hope.

“I don’t live with it - it lives with me,” she said.

“I have had my ups and downs and I do get very tired, but I try to live my life as normally as possible.”

Claire Devlin, event manager at Breast Cancer Care Scotland, said: “We’re so grateful to everyone who came along to show their support for the inspiring women who took to the catwalk and to all those who made this year’s show such a success.”