NHS Forth Valley to give staff 1000 more COVID-19 jabs in next two days

Health bosses responded to false claims that NHS Forth Valley had run out of coronavirus vaccine and revealed almost 1000 NHS staff and care workers would be getting the jab over the next couple of days.

The Falkirk Herald received a number of responses following publication of an online article yesterday about people claiming to be care workers in order to get vaccinated.

One of the responses came from someone who stated NHS Forth Valley had actually run out of the COVID-19 vaccine.

They said: “I am a nurse working for NHS forth Valley and I only know of a handful of colleagues who have received the vaccine. They have now cancelled all the future clinics because they have run out of vaccines and only have enough left to give the staff their second dose.”

NHS Forth Valley is gearing up to administer a further 1000 COVID-19 vaccinations to NHS staff and care workers over the next two days

NHS Forth Valley said this was not the case – they had never cancelled any vaccination clinics and were in fact ramping up delivery of the vaccine before the end of 2020.

A spokesperson said: “Vaccination clinics for frontline staff are continuing as planned and we actually have clinics running today and tomorrow. We have vaccinated more than 4500 frontline health and care staff since we started the vaccination programme on December 8 and expect to vaccinate almost 1000 more over the next few days.”

The next phase of of the vaccination programme will focus on people aged 80 and over who will be vaccinated at a number of local GP practices and community venues.

This will be followed by those aged 75 – then 70 and over, then 65 and so on – receiving the vaccine as well as those who are younger but at risk.