Falkirk residents allegedly claiming to be care workers to get a COVID-19 jab

There are claims people have supposedly been saying they are care workers in order to get themselves a COVID-19 vaccination.

It was stated this alleged practice is detrimental to actual NHS staff and care workers, who have not been able to get an appointment for a vaccination due to these “fakers” taking up slots.

According to a Falkirk resident, who wished to remain anonymous, this alleged deception is nothing short of a “scandal”.

The woman, who told The Falkirk Herald she is in the high risk health category and has been shielding, said: “I would like everyone to know what has been going on with the so called vaccination of frontline workers.

There are claims people have been pretending to be care workers so they can get a COVID-19 vaccination at Forth Valley Royal Hospital

“I need care myself and I have district nurses coming in to see me every day. Some of them have been vaccinated, while others have not. However, I have been shocked to find out there are intensive care staff who are not vaccinated and can’t get appointments.”

The woman stated she knows people have been calling up Forth Valley Royal Hospital pretending to be carers and have subsequently attended to receive their COVID-19 vaccination without being asked for any identification or proof of their care worker credentials.

“I find this disgusting,” said the woman. “They know who they are.”

NHS Forth Valley stated identification checks are always carried out at the vaccination sessions and people should come to them with their concerns so specific matters could be investigated.

A spokesman said: “All staff who book an appointment for COVID-19 vaccinations are asked to bring along a copy of their employee ID when they attend and a number of other questions and checks are carried out at the appointment.

“All details are also recorded on a national vaccination portal. If anyone has any questions or concerns about the vaccination programme we would encourage them

to get in touch with us direct so that these can be explored.”

The next phase of NHS Forth Valley’s COVID-19 vaccination programme will focus on people aged 80 and over who will be vaccinated at a number of local GP practices and community venues.