Falkirk East MSP urges people to stay indoors and safe

MSP Angus MacDonald issued an appeal to all his constituents and everyone across Scotland to follow the advice to stay in and stay safe during the coronavirus criss.

He said: “All of us have a role to play in meeting the challenge of these unprecedented times - by minimising and slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

“I understand that this is an anxious time for everyone. We are worried about parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours - and it’s now clear that things won’t return to normal for some time.

“For as long as there remains no vaccine we all have to take simple, sensible steps to limit its spread and make sure our NHS has the capacity to treat those who need support the most.

Angus MacDonald MSP.

“The only permissible reasons for people leaving their homes are to shop for basic necessities, to take part in one form of exercise a day, for medical/care needs, to provide help or support to a vulnerable person, or to travel to and from work but only if it is a necessity.

“Lives really do depend on us all sticking to this guidance, even though it’s understandably difficult to be stuck at home all day.

“More than anything, these regulations are about protecting those who are at risk of contracting the virus, and making sure our precious NHS does not become overwhelmed and is able to get the best possible care to those who need it.

“We have to do all we possibly can to help those who will be affected by this virus. In these difficult times, I know that people across Falkirk district will be wondering how they could make a difference, and support family, friends and neighbours.

“While the most important ask for the public remains to stay at home and follow the essential public health advice, people who are healthy and not at-risk can sign up to the new 'Scotland Cares' campaign, and provide practical and emotional help to those who need it.

“For some, that may involve roles responding to specific needs in health and social care. For others, it may be that we draw on their skills, enthusiasm and energy in the weeks and months to come.

“There’s no doubt that life shouldn't feel normal right now, so if you feel like you’re still going about your daily business, you should ask yourself if you are doing the right things.

“Keep washing your hands regularly, follow all of the official advice, and stay at home as much as you can. I have absolutely no doubt that we will meet this challenge, but we all must be prepared to live our lives differently for some time to come.”