Braes schoolgirl Ashlee has first vaccine treatment in New York

A Braes schoolgirl has her first dose of life changing treatment in the United States.

Ashlee Easton was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma aged just six and has relapsed twice since then, most recently in November 2018.

Her family have been frantically trying to raise the £239,000 needed to allow Ashlee to receive a bivalent vaccine in New York which could prevent the cancer from returning.

However, two weeks ago as the coronavirus crisis heightened they jumped on one of the last flights out of the UK to the Big Apple to ensure she had an opportunity to receive the treatment.

Ashlee Easton

Mum Lisa and dad Donald travelled with her on the trip which had originally been booked and cancelled three times within the week.

In the last few days Lisa has reported that Ashlee (13), a pupil at Braes High School, has received her first vaccine.

The family expect her to get the first three vaccines during this trip with another five trips needed.

In a Facebook post Lisa said: “Delighted to let you know that Ashlee received her first vaccine today! We had an anxious wait for bone marrow results but all was well and we got the go ahead to proceed with the vaccine.

“Ashlee coped really well like the little star she is and no side effects as yet.

“We can’t thank you all enough for making this happen, we will be forever grateful for giving our girl this chance.”