Who were the junior prize winners at Larbert High School

The annual junior prizegiving to recognise the achievements of pupils at Larbert High School took place last week.

By Fiona Dobie
Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 4:30 pm
The achievements of Larbert High students in the last 12 months were recognised at the annual prizegiving ceremonies which took place virtually last week.
The achievements of Larbert High students in the last 12 months were recognised at the annual prizegiving ceremonies which took place virtually last week.

In a similar set up to 2020, the pandemic meant the ceremonies could not take place in the auditorium, however they were held virtually for the whole school community to enjoy.

The junior prizes were handed over on Wednesday, with the senior awards presented the following day.

In his welcome speech, rector Jon Reid told those watching online that the school’s young people have “absolutely kicked Covid out of the park with another outstanding set of achievements” this year.

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The junior prizegiving took place last Wednesday.

He added his congratulations to all of the prize winners: “Well done to each and every one of you, and also to the ‘team’ that has supported you on your way, whoever that may be.

“Your teachers, your parents, your family and your friends: all of the hard work, commitment and effort over the course of the last year has really paid off.”

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Award winners at Larbert High’s senior prizegiving

Prize list

BGE (S1-3) Subject. S1: English & Media – Freya Christison, Findlay Currie, Jaydan Currie, Nieve Deans, Eva Flannery, Dearbhla Fulton, Ekua Osei, Max Rankin, Melissa Reynolds, Evan Wardrop; Health & Wellbeing –Gracie Bennie, Robbie Brown, Tailor Brown, Max Cartwright, Sophie Maxwell, Joel Ramsay, Max Rankin, Isla Roberts, Harry Taylor; Expressive Arts – Kihan Aitchison, Natasha Carson-Brow, Max Cartwright, Cara Donaldson, Fallon Lewis, Kaya Martin, Isla McIntyre, Melissa Reynolds, Victoria Weir; Languages – Catriona Daw, Nieve Deans, Eva Flannery, Blair Gilmour, Nico McGregor, Ekua Osei, Kyle Russell, Callum Wakeman, Hunter Wilkinson; Humanities – Katie Averley, Arran Clark, Ben Colbourne, Findlay Currie, Abigail Hillen, Ekua Osei, Melissa Reynolds, Edyn Richford, Kara Roberts, Callum Wakeman; Mathematics & Computing – Max Cartwright, Jaydan Currie, Catriona Daw, Nieve Deans, Ava Fullarton, Jake Gray, Ekua Osei, Zack Ross, Freya Stevenson, George Sturgeon, Victoria Weir; Science – Eleanor Brown, Natasha Carson-Brown, Findlay Currie, Nieve Deans, Cameron Lindsay, Abigail Ramsay, Evie Robertson, Andrew Wilson; Technologies – Ivy Brooks, Tailor Brown, Robbie Brown, Amelia Clem, Jasmine Crothers, Nieve Deans, Steven Govan, Daniel McKee. S2: English & Media – Sophie Averley, Dane Brown, Ben Fleming, Jennifer MacDonald, Hannah MacLeod, Leila McPhate, Abbey Mungall, Mollie Peters, Fergus Smith; Health & Wellbeing – Emily Fawkes, Carys Forgie, Olivia Fowler, Keaton Gillespie, Sophie Isbister, Leila McPhate, Josh F. Robertson, Latham Ryder, Jamie Scott; Expressive Arts – Robert Byars, Orson Kerr, Kyle Wannan, Heather Davidson, Taya Lebedeva, Sophie Averley, Murron Clark, Gaia Rigamonti; Languages – Jennifer Archibald, Dane Brown, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Carys Forgie, Niall Fraser, Esther Kallow, Amy Preston, Fraser Wyllie; Humanities – Ben Fleming, Niall Fraser, Jorja Halliday, Nnenda Hekerem, Esther Kallow, Amy Preston, Fergus Smith, Emily Watson; Mathematics & Computing – Euan Binnie, Ben Fleming, Niall Fraser, Murray Llewellyn, Mollie Peters, Arran Ritchie, Fergus Smith; Science – Hannah Fitzpatrick, Niall Fraser, Esther Kallow, Jessica Lister, Jennifer MacDonald, Amy Preston, Fergus Smith, Lily Strachan; Technologies – Niall Fraser, Hannah MacLeod, Chloe Nisbet, Rhys Paterson, Gaia Rigamonti, Lily Strachan. S3: English & Media – Finlay Berry, Alexandra Hannah, Natalie Johnstone, Lauren Lamont, Bethany Mardon, Grace McBride, Rebecca Miller, Tamar-Grace Morrison; Health & Wellbeing – Billie Marie Baillie, Shannon Bell, Jamie Grome, Alexa Hope, Benjamin Massey, Tamar-Grace Morrison, Harry Paterso, Ben Stenton, Isobel Stewart; Expressive Arts – Casey-Jo Kennedy, Rebecca Miller, Lucy Morton, Kerr Neil, Mhairi Deed, Georgia Foster, Kacey Cowan, Flynn Gillespie; Languages – Eva Collister, Callum Gardner, Jamie Grome, Natalie Johnstone, Charlie McBride, Connor McKerron, Alex Robinson, Abigail Thewlis; Humanities – Benjamin Massey, Lewis Gray, Cole Morrison, Eva Collister, Abbi MacLeod, Hollie Mason, Alexandra Hannah, Jenna Weir; Mathematics & Computing – Alice Blair, Scott Buchanan, Flynn Gillespie, Charlie McBride, Cole Morrison, Sam Pinkerton, Alex Robinson; Science – Scott Buchanan, Eva Collister, Hollie Mason, Rebecca Miller, Tamar-Grace Morrison, Libby Oatway, Sam Pinkerton, Ben Stenton; Technologies – Ruari Comrie, James Gower, Jodie Kerr, Phoebe Lamming, Brandon Newall, Rachel Quin, Alyx Roy, Sarah Sardzikova, Jasmine Sharp, Kiera Strang.

BGE (S1-3) Special: CATCA Award – Ryan Buchanan, S2; Dedication to Music – Esther Kallow, S2; Industrial Cadets Bronze Awards – Jake Chambers, Niall Fraser, Katie Mackay, Charlotte Ramsay, Lily Strachan; Institute of Engineering and Technology Faraday Challenge Winners – Ryan Buchanan, Ben Fleming, Niall Fraser, Keaton Gillespie, Sam Redwood; The Kiran's Trust Scholarship for Music – Ben Stenton, S3; S1 Sports Award sponsored by Stenhousemuir FC – Max Cartwright; S2 Sports Award sponsored by Stenhousemuir FC – Harry Burgoyne; S3 Sports Award sponsored by Stenhousemuir FC – Georgia Foster; School of Languages S1 – Lily Riddoch; School of Languages S2 – Katie Mackay; School of Languages S3 – Bryony Barr; School of Media S1 – Ekua Osei, Madison Dillon; School of Media S2 – Fergus Smith, Emily Fawkes; National 5 Media – Alexandra Hannah, S3; STEM Academy Mathematics – Eva Collister, S3; STEM Award Technologies – Freya Christison, S1; The Ronald Award for Industry & Perseverance in Sport – Billie Marie Baillie, S3; The John Murray Memorial Award – Teigan Smith, S3; Dance World Cup – Bryony Barr, Ava Harris, Alexa Hope, Rebecca Miller; The St. Cecilia Award – Amy Preston; Year Team Award for Resilience and Achievement over Adversity – Lauren Kemp, Bethany Mardon S3; The George Laing Award - Success in the Curriculum – Mathew Rinkus; Higher Mathematics – Dane Brown S2; Strathcarron Film and Upcycling through Community Arts – Harmony Hunter, Jodie Kerr, Alex Robinson, Leon Wannan; Parent Council Parents in Partnership Award – Louise Fowler, Olivia Fowler, Donna Halliday, Jorja Halliday; Gold Award S1 – Aleena Ahmed, Aiden Aitken, Sara Aitken, Adam Ali, Daniel Allan, Luke Allen, Daisy Allison, Andrew Armstrong, Keira Atherton, Katie Averley, Gracie Bennie, Angus Brodie, Ivy Brooks, Eleanor Brown, Isla Brown, Lewis G Brown, Lewis T Brown, Robbie Brown, Aaron Buis, Emma Campbell, Lewis Campbell, Neve Campbell-McDonald, Max Cartwright, Jamie Chalmers, Molly Chatburn, Freya Christison, Amelia Clem, Ben Colbourne, Olivia Coutts, Alex Cunningham, Alicia D'Alby, Chloe Davies, Catriona Daw, Nieve Deans, Georgine Devlin, Evan Dewar, Ella Dingwall, Cara Donaldson, Lara Douglas, Amelie Duncan, Lexie Fitzgerald, Eva Flannery, Thomas Fraser, Ava Fullarton, Dearbhla Fulton, Katie Gallagher, Amy Gardiner, Millie Gardiner, Lucy Gardner, Blair Gilmour, Antonia Graham, Layla Grubb, Ben Halliday, Katie Hedges, Chloe Henderson, Elyse Hickey, Abigail Hillen, Scott Holmes, Lois Hunt, Rowena Ilter, Chloe Irvine, Kirsty Johnston, Laura Kane, Dyllon Kemp, Subhan Khan, Emma Laing, Daniel Lawless, Grace Lees, Sophie Levey, Fallon Lewis, Caitlyn Lloyd, Megan Lloyd, Ashleigh Mackay, Isla Mackenzie, Nathan Maclean-Chang, Brooke Maley, Amie Mason, Zoe Mason, Sophie Maxwell, Jamie McAdam, Freya McCabe, Freya McEwan, Jennifer McFadden, Arryn McGillivray, Nico McGregor, Charlotte McGuire, Isla McIntyre, Millie McIntyre, Caitlyn McKean, James McKinlay, Chloe McNaughton, Calleigh McPhail, Aaron McWatt, Nathan Meney, Lily Menmuir, Anna Miller, Ellie Niven, Caelan O'Hare, Ekua Osei, Sophie Paterson, Casey Paton, Theo Paton, Amie Pennicott, Brooke Phillips, Sian Pinkerton, Sarah Quin, Max Rankin, Qamar Rauf, Isla Raymond, Harrison Renwick, Melissa Reynolds, Lily Riddoch, Kara Roberts, Evie Robertson, Fiona Rue, Cameron Russell, Kyle Russell, Adam Sarwar, Tom Scott, Sophie Simmers, Ryan Simpson, Freya Stevenson, Billy Stoddart, Cameron Taylor, Harris Thomson, Lucy Torrance, Evan Wardrop, Victoria Weir, Hunter Wilkinson, Andrew Wilson, Alana Wright. Gold Award S2 – Lewis Aikman, Chloe Anderson, Lauren Anderson, Sophie Appelbe, Sophie Averley, Sasha Barnaby, Eva Barron, Euan Binnie, Joanna Bolton, Daniel Brennan, Robert Byars, Mailli Callaghan, Jake Chambers, David Chatburn, Caitlin Clark, Lucy Clark, Murron Clark, Erin Collins, Lauren Coltherd, Ben Compton, Emily Comrie, Ethan Cox, Finlay Davidson, Heather Davidson, Katelyn Davidson, Morven Deed, D'Arcy Dhanda, Daniel Dougan, Emily Fawkes, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Ben Fleming, Carys Forgie, Emily Forsyth, Niall Fraser, Madison Gallacher, Aidan Gallagher, Emma Garai, Hannah Gardiner, Callum Gibbs, Chloe Gilchrist, Keaton Gillespie, Ailsa Graham, Ellie Griffin, Jorja Halliday, Umair Hamid, Sophie Isbister, Esther Kallow, Lauren Keenan, Isla Law, Taya Lebedeva, Sophie Lynch, Kenzie MacGillivray, Katie Mackay, Caitlinn MacLean, Hannah MacLeod, Ava MacMillan, Lala MacRae, Aileigh Mason, Euan McArthur, Elle McAuley, James McBurney, Myla McEwan, Katie McGregor, Lily McGuire, Cerys McKinlay, Emily McLeod, Lucy McLuckie, Bethany McMillan, Leila McPhate, Kirsty Melville, Ethan Merritt, Chloe Murray, Matthew Nicol, Chloe Nisbet, Beya Ogg, Russell Park, Kelvin Paxton, Emma Pennicott, Charlotte Ramsay, Caitlin Rea, Sam Redwood, Lewis Reed, Samuel Reibig, Emma Reid, Gaia Rigamonti, Mathew Rinkus, Arran Ritchie, Chloe Samuelson, Sophie Sanderson, Eva Scott-Lusted, Adam Sime, Ewan Sime, Caragh Simpson, Eva Smith, Fergus Smith, Kai Smith, Mairi Smith, Cody Stanage, Mirren Stewart, Gemma Stockwell, Lily Strachan, Prasoon Tayade, Rubie Thomson, Freya Tyrie, Emily Watson, Leah Waugh, Eva Whitecross, Logan Whitton, Olivia Wilson, Fraser Wyllie. Gold Award S3 – Alesha Ahmed, Cassi Ainslie, Sarah Armstrong, Lauren Baird, Bryony Barr, Shannon Bell, Cormac Binnie, Ryan Bone, Ewan Brown, Scott Buchanan, Demi Buckie, Eva Collister, Ewan Cope, Mhairi Deed, Emily Dodds, Lauren Finlay, Georgia Foster, Brooke Fraser, Callum Gardner, Niamh Gargan, Rebecca Gibb, Flynn Gillespie, James Gower, Lewis Gray, Megan Gregg, Katie Griffiths, Jamie Grome, Lucas Guthrie, Alexandra Hannah, Ava Harris, Cara Hendry, Alfie Henny, Lucia Henry, Alexa Hope, Ellie Howgate, Ben Jack, Zoe Johnston, Natalie Johnstone, Casey-Jo Kennedy, Jodie Kerr, Sofi Knight, Phoebe Lamming, Lauren Lamont, Kayla MacDonald, Abbi MacLeod, Bethany Mardon, Erin Marshall, Hollie Mason, Benjamin Massey, Nicole McAinsh, Neil McArthur, Charlie McBride, Grace McBride, Niamh McCrossan, Eilidh McDuff, Evan McIntyre, Georgia McKeever, Blair McMillan, Cara McPhaden, Abbie McRoberts, Rebecca Miller, Tamar-Grace Morrison, Dylan Morton, Lucy Morton, Aaron Murphy, Erin Murphy, Brandon Mushet, Darcey Paterson, Noah Peggie, Logan Pettigrew, Sam Pinkerton, Amelie Purdon, Rachel Quin, Megan Randall, Niamh Richards, Jessica Riddoch, Alex Robinson, Katie Robinson, Alyx Roy, Emily Russell, Sarah Sardzikova, Ellie-George Shanks, Niamh Shannon, Callum Smith, Jake Smith, Ben Stenton, Isobel Stewart, Kiera Strang, Harry Tailford, Abigail Thewlis, Sophie Townsend, Jenna Weir, Caitlin Williams, Ross Williams, Calum Yeaman. Year Team Award for Resilience and Achievement over Adversity S1 – Declan Cowie, Connie Newlands-Lamb; Year Team Award for Resilience and Achievement over Adversity S2 – Lauren Anderson, Thomas Arnott; Tryst Dental Services Award for Young Sports Ambassadors – Billie Marie Baillie, Max Cartwright, Seona Chilton, Arran Ritchie; The Chaplaincy Award – Estelle McKechnie; The James N Hunter Memorial Award Special Effort & Achievement – Blair McCann; The Christopher Gillon Risk Award Special Achievement – Chloe Murray.

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