Taekwondo black belt holder named Denny High School dux of 2019

A martial arts maestro has proved he has the brains to go with the brawn after being named as Denny High School’s dux for 2019.

By Jonathon Reilly
Tuesday, 2nd July 2019, 11:25 am
Denny High School dux Conall Grant with headteacher Stephen Miller. Picture: Michael Gillen
Denny High School dux Conall Grant with headteacher Stephen Miller. Picture: Michael Gillen

Seventeen-year-old Connall Grant, who counts physics, maths and art among his favourite subjects, has received the highest honour the school can award.

As he prepares to enter into his final year of secondary school after the summer, the Denny schoolboy and one-time Taekwondo first degree black belt holder admitted he was pleasantly surprised to be placed at the top of his year.

Connall, who is originally from Bonnybridge, said: “I wasn’t really expecting it but it’s great to be rewarded for all of the hard work.”

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Having studied physics, graphic communication, art, maths and English in fifth year, Connall originally had grand designs to study architecture at university.

However, he has since decided he would like to pursue a career within the field of law and already has conditional offers from both the University of Glasgow and the University of Aberdeen.

In the meantime, Connall has plenty to keep himself occupied as he works towards a silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.

This year’s proxime accessit at Denny High School is Callum McArthur.

Connall’s and Callum’s were two of several success stories to come out of a brilliant academic year at Denny High School.

Headteacher Stephen Miller lavished praise on pupils for their efforts and said: “At events such as prizegiving, the traditions of the past, the successes of the present and hopes for the future all collide in a unique way.

“And into this mix, for the last 60 years, the school motto — Summa Peto (aim for the highest) — has served as the bedrock statement for all that we are, and seek to do, as a school community.

“To all prizewinners, especially those of you who will leave us for the last time, I hope that your school motto will continue to motivate every aspect of your adult life.

“I would like to leave you with the words of one of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award groups.

“The slide at the end of their presentation said ‘We will never forget the memories that we have made’.

“The girls were very clear that they did not simply have memories of their expedition.

“They were acknowledging that they had made the memories — memories that involved putting into action values of resilience, commitment to the team, positivity, adaptability and a determination to win through.

“You have been responsible for creating and crafting your own memories and successes.

“Congratulations on all these successes and the hard work that has shaped them.”