Senior prizewinners at Falkirk's St Mungo's RC High 2020/21

"It is about you and what you have achieved during very difficult times” – that was the message from St Mungo’s RC High’s headteacher as the school hosted its annual prizegiving ceremony at the end of last term.

Thursday, 28th October 2021, 12:30 pm
Pictured back row: James Carter, proxime accessit; Alicia Thom, proxime accessit; Iman Bhatti, proxime accessit; Kimberley Crawford, junior proxime accessit; Amy Callaghan, junior proxime accessit; and Jess Mooney, junior proxime accessit. Not pictured Megan Donaldson, junior proxime accessit. Front row: Reece Scott, Dux; Caitlin Jamieson, Dux; Amy Millar, junior Dux; Molly McGhee, junior Dux and Timea Csicsvakova, junior Dux. Pic: Michael Gillen.

Once again, the event celebrating the pupils’ successes could not be enjoyed in person by the wider school community due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

A ceremony was held during the day for pupils to receive their awards and then streamed online for parents, grandparents and carers to watch.

However, headteacher Stephen Phee said despite this, it “should not take the shine off what you have achieved this year”.

St Mungo's duxes Reece Scott and Caitlin Jamieson. Pic: Michael Gillen.

He continued: “Life has been learning, not seeing your friends for long periods of time, maybe falling ill and I am in awe in how well you have done this year – you should be really proud of yourself and what you have achieved.

“You coped remarkably well with Covid and all the restrictions that were in place and that are still in place, and this year, you have nothing to fear. You are here today because of your ability, hard work, determination and maturity...I have no doubt you will do just as well as the pupils this year.”

With no musical performances during the ceremony, the pupils were sent a virtual message from guest speaker Jason Leitch, national clinical director for the Scottish Government.

He spoke of his pride in the pupils, who despite the difficulties, had still managed these amazing achievements.

He also spoke of the science of celebration and how celebrating individually helps the overall team, and all our lives bring us different opportunities.

This year’s senior school duxes are Caitlin Jamieson and Reece Scott, with Timea Csicsvakova, Molly McGhee, Amy Millar being made junior duxes.

The senior proxime accessits are Iman Bhatti, James Carter and Alicia Thom. Megan Donaldson, Jess Mooney, Amy Callaghan and Kimberley Crawford are this year’s junior proxime accessits.

Addressing all of the school’s prizewinners, Mr Phee added: “You are a credit to your family...and your parents should be really proud of you and what you achieved.

“Well done and congratulations. I look forward to standing here next year, hopefully in front of your parents, congratulating you again on your wonderful achievements.”


S4 N4 Award: Art & Design – Amelia Oczkowska; Biology – Shannon Lorentsonl Chemistry – Sidra Chaudry Khatoon; Drama – Tiegan Riddoch; Engineering Science – Kai McLaughlin; English – Mary Bridgeman; Hospitality – Aine O’Donovan; Mathematics – Aiden Gallagher; Music Performing – Jacob Zalewski; Physical Education – Karis Kilgallon; Practical Woodworking – Cole Cooper; RMPS – Charlie Swanston; Spanish – Amelia Oczkowska. S4 N4 Star Award – Zain Ali, Sahara Keskin, Matt Nowanski, Sinead Healy, Karis Kilgallon, Amelia Oczkowska, Logan Rae, Paul Michael Irvine, Jacob Klosowicz, Louisa Parker. S4 Lockdown Legend – Georga Beattie, Sidra Chaudry Khatoon, Caitly Christie, Luke Crozier, Cara Dickson, Conor Donaldson, Aidan Dunnigan, Daniel Galvin, Grace Galvin, Zach Glennie, Keir Haggerty, Mirren Hainey, Aaron Haire, Mirren Hendry, Nathan Hill, John Holmes, Shay Kinmond, Emily McArdle, Molly McGhee, Michael McKinlay, Amy Millar, Keira Nicol, Amelia Oczkowska, Caitlin O’Donnell, Connor Redding, Ciara Stassin, Sara Stevenson, Matthew Stewart, Piper Ure. S4 N5 Award: Administration – Conor Little; Biology – Amy Millar; Chemistry – Kimberley Crawford; Drama – Lucy Ismail; English – Holly Milne, Christopher Watkins; Geography – Christopher Watkins; HFT – Hannah Lawrence; Maths – Kimberley Crawford; Modern Studies – Amy Millar; Music Technology – Keir Haggerty, Michael McKinlay; Physics – Haylie Jackson; Practical Cookery – Mirren Hendry; Art – Cara Dickson; Business Management – Sara Stevenson; Computing Science – Matthew Stewart; Engineering Science – Molly McGhee; French – Amy Callaghan; Graphic Communication – Mirren Hainey; History – Kimberley Crawford; Media – Timea Csicsvakova; Music – Amy Callaghan; Physical Education – Molly McGhee; Practical Cake Craft – Katie Campbell; RMPS – Neahve Douglas; Spanish – Georga Beattie, Amy Millar. S4 N5 Academic Achievement – Georga Beattie, Chloe Boyle, Amy Callaghan, Catherine Campbell, Kimberley Crawford, Timea Csicsvakova, Megan Donaldson, Thomas Fulton, Grace Galvin, Claire Hagerty, Keir Haggerty, Mirren Hainey, Haylie Jackson, Ula Kelly, Molly McGhee, Amy Millar, Holly Milne, Jess Mooney, Maria Saji, Subhan Shahid, Sara Stevenson, Matthew Stewart, Savya Sunny, Charlie Swanston, Christopher Watkins. S4 N5 Star Award – Areesa Aslam, Caitlyn Christie, Neahve Douglas, Zach Glennie, Mirren Hendry, Adam Kelly, Martyna Lyczek, Daniel McCue, Harry McGlynn, Keira Nicol, Vanesa Pollakova, Callan Scott, Connor Sweeney, Aiden Brawley, Logan Clements, Aiden Dunnigan, Aaron Haire, Daniel Hill, Emma Kinghorn, Ross MacKay, Aidan McFarlane, Michael McKinlay, Ethan O’Donnell, Rachel Reid, Jamie Stoddart, Elanor Thom, Bekah Weightman, Lewis Bulloch, Cara Dickson, Daniel Galvin, Emma Hay, Eman Irfan, Hannah Lawrence, Kacper Makowski, Declan McGavin, Niamh Montague, Connie Paton, Aleena Safdar, Joshua Stones, Piper Ure. S5/6 Higher Award: Business Management – Walliss Mooney; Chemistry – Reece Scott; Computing Science – Iman Bhatti, Sam McIntosh; Engineering Science – Mia Lugget; English – Reece Scott, Walliss Mooney; Geography – Alicia Dobson; Graphic Communication – Mia Lugget; History – Ava Clark; Human Biology – Reece Scott; Maths – James Carter; Media – Mia Gardner; Modern Studies – Walliss Mooney; Music Technology – Liam Tribble; Photography – Jasmine Chakir; PE – Leah Kemp; Physics – Reece Scott. S5/6 Higher Academic Achievement – Awais Akram, Hammad Ali, Iman Bhatti, James Carter, Jasmine Chakir, Ava Clark, Suzy Farquharson, Mia Gardner, Caitlin Jamieson, Leah Kemp, Mia Lugget, Joanne Lumsden, Anna Marr, Walliss Mooney, Reece Scott, Alicia Thom. S5/6 Higher Star Award – Neha Ali, Dylan Carlyle, Sarah Feyder, Emily Gribben, Jismaria Jijo, Jiyona Joseph, Kirsten Kennedy, Suzannah Macaulay, Myron MacBeth, Sophie MacKenzie, Paskal Malecki, Kai McCourt, Anya McKenna, Sophie Scott, Jamie Stewart, Nicole Swan, Lexie Torrance, Gilman Zafar. S5/6 Lockdown Legend – Kirsty Arbuckle, Jenna Devlin, Connor Little, Kai McCourt, Jasmine Chakir, Molly Hill, Mia Lugget, Aidan McKay, Alicia Thom, Ava Clark, Kirsten Kennedy, Anna Marr, Aimee Newbigging. Special Awards: Roy Northam Memorial Trophy – Ava Judge, Carmen Judge; Saul Elliott Memorial Shield – Samuel Kane; Rector’s Award – Reece Scott; HJ Lynch Award – Mya Reynolds; Archbishop’s Award – Paula Soje; Concrete Society of Scotland Award for Excellence in BGE Technology – Julia Trzybinska; Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music – James Shearer, Neel Haval, Tom Shearer; The Philip Collins Reading Award – Ahmad Kanaan; Award for Outstanding Contribution to Media – Logan Clements, Euan McGuire; The Spirit of St Mungo’s Declan Rennie Award – Hisham Adam; SVDP Frederick Ozanam Award – Tjay Ballingall; Maurissa Clark Award – Tom Green; Junior Proxime Accessit – Megan Donaldson, Jess Mooney, Amy Callaghan, Kimberley Crawford; Junior Dux – Timea Csicsvakova, Molly McGhee, Amy Millar; Senior Proxime Accessit – Iman Bhatti, James Carter, Alicia Thom; Senior Dux – Caitlin Jamieson, Reece Scott.