Rector lauds success of Denny High School pupils at prizegiving

As the curtain came down on another school session, Denny High rector Stephen Miller praised pupils and staff for their efforts.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 11th July 2017, 10:10 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 10:54 am

Speaking at last Thursday’s annual prizegiving, he said the school had collected accolades for academic, sporting and creative achievements.

The session began with the news that Denny High had its best ever Higher results, nearly 60 per cent of pupils going on to study at higher or further education, and 35 per cent of pupils – above Falkirk average – entering training schemes or going directly into the workplace.

For the second year in a row, Denny took the Falkirk’s Sports School of the Year Award, as well as setting up a Denny Sports Academy run by staff and senior pupils for over 100 pupils from its cluster primary schools.

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Over £10,000 was raised for charities, as well as donating food parcels to the local elderly and toys to the district’s Christmas appeal.

Mr Miller said: “Lying behind all these achievements is the reality that staff and pupils work incredibly hard and exceptionally well together to make these things happen.”

The rector also praised the efforts of 88 pupils and 35 staff in resuming the tradition of an end-of-term show, on this occasion Hairspray, which had delighted all those who saw it.

Addressing those who were leaving school, he added: “I hope that aiming for the highest will continue to motivate everything you do. I also hope you are confident that this school has prepared you to meet the range of exciting yet complex challenges that lie ahead.

“But most of all, I hope that we have encouraged and equipped you to continue to chase your dreams and ambitions as far as they can take you.”

Presenting the prizes was Michael Matheson, Falkirk West MSP and Scotland’s Justice Minister.

The final award of the evening was the Dux Medal which in 2017 went to Rebecca Harrington.

“Surprised but obviously delighted” was how she summed up her reaction to receiving the school’s ultimate academic accolade.

The 16-year-old said: “I really didn’t expect it.”

Rebecca, who achieved a Higher in dance last year, is awaiting the results of Higher in maths, human biology, psychology and philosophy.

In sixth year she plans to study for Advanced Highers in biology and maths, as well as Highers in chemistry and modern studies. All this will be combined with being head girl.

Rebecca, who lives in Denny with parents, Fiona and Kevin, and sister Amy (13), added: “I’m not 100 per cent sure what I hope to study but it will definitely be linked to my favourite subject biology, perhaps immunology.

“I’m considering both Edinburgh and Glasgow universities.”


First Year

Certificate of Excellence: Alyssa Bell, Kayla Bennie, Leah Dewar, Lewis Fleming, Rachel Gardiner, Brooke Gibson, Amy Harrington, Dani Malloy, Ben McWatt, Jennifer Reynolds and Daniel Wilson.

Second Year

Certificates of Excellence: Caitlyn Ashworth, Sandy Binnie, Iona Dalgleish, Craig Differ, Jennifer Donnelly, Iona Kelly, Leigh Mackenzie, Brodie McClurg, Shannon McIntyre, Holly Nicolson, Rosalyn Rintoul, Kristy Shaw, Finlay Whiteford and Frazer Wilcox.

Third Year

Callum McArthur (PTA Prize for German, PTA Prize for Graphic Communication, PTA Prize for Music, Apex Vets Prize for Physics); Abigail Crozier (PTA Prize for English, PTA Prize for Practical Food & Health, Ian Craig Haulage Prize for French); Lucy Aitcheson (PTA Prize for Accounts, Apex Vets Prize for Biology); Freddie Bang (PTA Prize for Engineering Science, PTA Prize for Modern Studies); Ciara Waugh (PTA Prize for Art); Kiara Pickles (Russel+Aitken Prize for Business Management); Logan Bell (Ian Craig Haulage Prize for Computing); Zoe Peebles (Apex Vets Prize for Chemistry); Annalissa Bailey (PTA Prize for Drama); Garry Shaw (PTA Prize for Geography); Rachel McKinlay (TocH Prize for History); Leon Penn (Denny Tippers Prize for Mathematics); Georgia Baxter (Central Demolition Prize for PE Creative & Aesthetic); Cameron Ledwidge (Central Demolition Prize for PE Games and Sports) and Jack Binnie (PTA Prize for Practical Woodwork)

Endeavour Awards: Emma Abercrombie-Sherry; Freddie Bang; Abigail Crozier; Hope Gardiner; Lewis Gordon; Jack Kellett; Callum McArthur; Luke Przybylinski and Ciara Waugh.

Fourth Year

Adam Binnie (TocH Prize for History, PTA Prize for Modern Studies, Central Demolition Prize for PE Games and Sports); Matthew McLennan (Russel+Aitken Prize for Accounts, Russel+Aitken Prize for Business Management); Rhianne Ferguson (AA Physiotherapy Prize for Biology, Denny Tippers Prize for Mathematics); Peter Murphy (PTA Prize for English, Syngenta Prize for Physics); Jenna McGeachie (PTA Prize for Art); Scott Differ (Syngenta Prize for Chemistry); James Gray (Ian Craig Prize for Computing); Sara Bennie (PTA Prize for Drama); Daniel Green (PTA Prize for Engineering Science); Niamh Rankin (Ian Craig Haulage Prize for French); Levi Wyatt (PTA Prize for Geography); Rebecca Elliot (Ian Craig Haulage Prize for German); Eve Brown (PTA Prize for Graphic Communication); Kai Smith (PTA Prize for Hospitality); Rebecca Grant (Ian Craig Haulage Prize for Music); Rhia Hagen (Central Demolition Prize for PE Creative & Aesthetic); Robbie McWatt (PTA Prize for Practical Woodwork) and Caitlyn MacKenzie (PTA Prize for RMP Studies).

Endeavour Awards: Sara Bennie, Eve Brown, Scott Differ, Rhianne Ferguson, James Gray, Daniel Green, Harry Kemp, Rhys Marshall, Carly Nixon, Megan Patterson, Jennifer Reid, Joseph Scobbie and Tom Stein.

Fifth Year

Thomas Rintoul (PTA Prize for Mathematics, PTA Prize for Music, Apex Vets Prize for Physics), Rebecca Harrington (PTA Prize for English, AA Physiotherapy Prize for Human Biology); Shauni Arnott (PTA Prize for Hospitality Cake Craft, PTA Prize for Photography); Ethan Roberts (PTA Prize for Advanced Higher Geography, PTA Prize for Graphic Communication); Bethany Gillies (Russel+Aitken Prize for Administration and IT); Joshua Neilson (Ineos Prize for Art); Connor McKirdy (PTA Prize for Biology); Lisa Davie (Russel+Aitken Prize for Business Management); Aaron Robertson (Apex Vets Prize for Chemistry); Dean Reynolds (PTA Prize for Computing); Heather Thynne (PTA Prize for Drama); Robbie Scott (Syngenta Prize for Engineering Science); Alyssa Meldrum (Ian Craig Haulage Prize for French); Jake Shaw (PTA Prize for Georgraphy); Brooklyn Shaw (PTA Prize for German); Catherine Mullin (Ineos Prize for History); Steven Tweedie (PTA Prize for N5 Hospitality); Chloe Niven (PTA Prize for Higher Hospitality); Murray McAlpine (Denny Tippers Prize for Lifeskills Mathematics); Megan Cassells (PTA Prize for Modern Studies); Nicola Morrow (PTA Prize for Philosophy); Katie Gallagher (Central Demolition Prize for PE Creative & Aesthetic); Emily Douglas-Hamilton (PTA Prize for RMP Education) and Dean Sutherland (PTA Prize for Practical Woodwork).

Endeavour Awards: Aimee Caldwell, Amy Geddes, Rebecca Hart, Ross Irvine, Sarah Lavery, Alyssa Meldrum, Niall Paterson and Martin Williams.

Sixth Year

Charlie Scott (Russel+Aitken Prize for Accounts, Apex Vets Prize for Chemistry, PTA Prize for Mathematics, AA Physiotherapy Prize for Physics); Georgia Lawrie (Apex Vets Prize for Biology); Andrew McGuckin (Ineos Prize for Computing); John Sherlock (Ian Craig Haulage Prize for Drama); Colm Gibson (PTA Prize for Engineering Science); Mairi McArthur (TocH Prize for English); Erin McGuckin (PTA Prize for History); Ailsa Scott (PTA Prize for Modern Studies); Lindsey Arnott (PTA Prize for Music); Louise McKean (PTA Prize for RMP Education); Robbie Wilson (PTA Prize for Statistics; Ellis Mackie (Central Demolition Prize for PE Creative & Aesthetic); Cameron Campbell (Central Demolition Prize for PE Games and Sports) and Marcus Davidson (PTA Prize for Practical Woodwork).

Endeavour Awards: Lindsey Arnott, Eilidh Forrest, Calum Forshaw, Emma Gray, Salena Khan, Emily Kirkwood, Georgie Lawrie, Jordan Learmonth, Anna Leishman, Iona McKeown, Nicole Morrow, Ethan Nystrom and Rebecca Reynolds.

Special Awards

Charlie Scott (Alumni Award for Advanced Higher Mathematics); Leah Dewar (Janet Hancock Memorial Prize for S1 History); Ellis Mackie (Rita Hunter Award for Outstanding Commitment and Endeavour sponsored by Denny and District Community Council); Rachel Ramsay (Peter Deans Trophy for Outstanding Performance in Accounts); Danielle McCreadie (Betty Kay Memorial Prize for Spoken Language sponsored by Gillian Lumsden); Ciara Waugh (AA Physiotherapy Summit Prize); Joshua Fleming (Neil Donaldson Memorial Prize for RME); Ross Irvine (Charles Comrie Memorial Shield for Service to the Community); Lindsey Arnott (Robin Coulter Award for Chemistry); James Gray (Ciaran Hawkes Memorial Trophy for Effort and Achievement in Computing); Andrea Cochran (Georgraphy Department Honour Award); Leah Dewar and Brooke Gibson (Falkirk Council Schools STEM Creativy Award); Eden McNeil (Jena Buchanan Award for Drama); Adam Zellman (Robert Patterson S6 Award for Respect and Integrity) and Thomas Scott (Denny Cross Burns Club Scottish History, Literature and Dialect).

Merit Winners: S1 – Lucy Mann, S2 – Finlay Whiteford, S3 – Callum McArthur, S4 – Corey Paterson and Matthew Nield, S5 – Callum Webb and S6 – Ion McKeown.

Music Awards: Callum McArthur (Murray Quaich for Music in Junior School); Jorgie Mills (James Muir Awrd for Music in Senior School); Harry Bang (John Hixon Award for Music) and Euan Marshall (John Hixon/Andrew Murray Memorial Shield).

Sports Awards: Chloe Fish (Annette Paterson Endeavour Award in Dance); Emma Passmore (McEwan-Manuel Award for Excellence in Dance – Senior); Rachel Bellingham (McEwan-Manuel Award for Excellence in Dance – Junior); Ellis Mackie (Susan Cullen Advanced Higher PE Prize); Sarah Copland (Falkirk Council Dance Leader of the Year); Cameron Fleming (Falkirk Council Sports Ambassador of the Year); Denny Academy of Sport (Falkirk Council Game Changer Award) and Denny High School (Falkirk Council Sports School of the Year).

Leadership Awards: Adam Zellman and Andrea Cochrane.

Proxime Accessit Award: Thomas Rintoul.

Dux Medal: Rebecca Harrington.