Pupils recognise end of an era for Carrongrange in Larbert

The efforts of pupils were recognised at Carrongrange School's recent Celebration of Success and Leavers' Assembly.

Friday, 23rd June 2017, 1:31 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:13 pm
(L-R) Gillian Robertson, head teacher; Craig Cook, House Pupil of the Year Bruce House; Mercy Fasoro, House Pupil of the Year Bruce House; Barry Ferguson, Kenneth Buckley Award for Sporting Achievement; Nicole Redding, House Pupil of the Year Wallace House; Aaron Kilgour, House Pupil of the Year Wallace House and Hannah Craig,Outstanding Achievement in Drama. Picture: Michael Gillen

It was also an emotional time as the Larbert school community prepares to pack up and move to its new ‘home’ in Grangemouth.

The £17.5 million purpose-built facility has been constructed in the grounds of Moray Primary.

In addition to classroom accommodation, the new school will feature therapy and sensory rooms, a life skills training flat, multi-purpose and flexible social space areas, swimming and hydro-therapy pools, a sensory garden and pupil transport drop off zones.

The pupils on prom night with a Hollywood theme

But last week it was time to reflect on the past session and bid farewell to those who were moving on to new challenges.

Head teacher Gillian Robertson listed the highlights of the school year.

Belle Plates (3R)performed Auld Lang Syne, while Elisha Duffy and Rachel Verhees played a guitar piece in memory of former puil Iain Wightiman.


The pupils on prom night with a Hollywood theme

1B – David Houston, DET, Eco Award, Home Economics, ICT/Computing Science, Modern Languages, Social Subjects; Shannon Kearns, Health & Wellbeing; Andrew McIntosh, John Muir, Literacy, Numeracy.

1C – ReeceAnderson, ICT/Computing Science; Sean Edwards, John Muir; Chloe Haldane, Attendance, Drama, Numeracy; Kian Holden, ICT/Computing Science; Liam Longmuir, Health & Wellbeing, Science; Elizabeth McDonald, Art, Attendance; Owen McGookin, Literacy; Patrick Murphy, PE, Social Subjects; Rielly Robertson, Music, PE.

1M – Connor Allingham, Music, Social Subjects; Mercy Fasoro, Bruce House Pupil of the Year, Communication & Enthusiasm; Daniel Godfrey, Music, RME; Amy Kennedy, Core Work; Niamh Taylor, RME; Ben Turner, Saltire.

1T – Dane McLuckie, Music; Andrew Townsley, Attendance.

2M – Peter Davidson, ASDAN New Horizons, PE, Social Subjects; Kyle Forsyth, ASDAN New Horizons, Attendance, DET; Leanne Gray, ASDAN New Horizons; Michelle McAllister, ASDAN New Horizons; Alexander Phillips, ASDAN New Horizons, Music; Lewis Potter, ASDAN New Horizons, Literacy, Saltire, Science; Brandon Reid, ASDAN New Horizons; Colleen Reid, ASDAN New Horizons, Attendance; Thomas Shanks, ASDAN New Horizons, Health & Wellbeing, ICT/Computing Science, Numeracy, Saltire; Ben Shanks, ASDAN New Horizons, Attendance.

2R – David Drennan, John Muir; Stuart MacMillan, Home Economics, Numeracy; Nathan McCallum, John Muir; Brandon Newby, Drama, Health & Wellbeing, Literacy; Amy Paterson, Modern Languages, PE, Saltire; Sophie Wotherspoon, Art, ICT/Computing Science, Music, Social Subjects.

3H – Stephen Anderson, Art, ICT/Computing Science; Craig Cook, Bruce House Pupil of the Year, Health & Wellbeing, Home Economics, ICT/Computing Science, Literacy; Gail Hutton, PE, Saltire; Antonio Knox-Johnstone, DET, ITC/Computing Scinece, Music, PE; Ryan McKay, Numeracy; Alana Sadowski, Saltire; Sophie Steele, Social Subjects.

3P – Maia Binnie, Saltire; Scott Davidson, Attendance, Science; Lewis Gill, John Muir; Declan Kennedy, Attendance, John Muir; Avery Kidd, Literacy, Modern Languages, Saltire, Social Subjects; Stephanie McKay, Saltire; Lewis Paterson, John Muir.

3R – Logan Bruce, ASDAN New Horizons, Numeracy, Social Subjects; Tom Crowe, Attendance, Health & Wellbeing; Nathan Douglas, ASDAN New Horizons; Lewis Kane, ASDAN New Horizons, John Muir, Literacy; Chloe Mcrae, ASDAN New Horizons, Music, Numeracy; Jackson Taylor, ASDAN New Horizons, Numeracy; Rachel Wilson, ASDAN New Horizons, Drama.

4G – Sean McDonald, Attendance, Health & Wellbeing; Chloe McKay, Literacy; Adam Millar, Attendance, Drama, Literacy; Grant Mooney, Health & Wellbeing; David Scott, Health & Wellbeing, Social Subjects

5C – Sophie Anderson, Health & Wellbeing; Alex Elliott, Drama, Literacy, Music; Stuart Lamond, Sensory and Soft Play; Henry Rudkin, Numeracy, Social Subjects.

6N – Jabin Chacko, PAA Fundraising, Saltire, Social Subjects; Ryan Don, Drama, PAA Fundraising; Scott Jones, PAA Fundraising, Aaron Kilgour, PAA Fundraising, Wallace House Pupil of the Year; Darran Laird, PAA Fundraising; Thomas McNicol, Music, PAA Fundraising; Jake McPake, John Muir, PAA Fundraising, Science.

W1 – Skye Bourke, John Muir, Saltire, Worke Experience; Mhairi Conn, Saltire, Science Transition, Work Experience; Adam Manderson, Saltire, Work Experience; Jordan McGuinness, PE.

W2 – Fracesco Archimio, PE, Social Subjects; Jamie Campbell, Personal Development, RME; Elisha Duffy, Hospitality, Music, Science; Chloe Hendry, Art, ICT/Computing Science; Kelsey Moir, John Muir.

W3 – Ryan Bellington John Muir, LLL Gardening Award, Practical Craft Skills – Nat 3; Thomas Chalmers, Attendance, ICT/Computing Science, RME; Sean McKinnon, ICT/Computing Science, Numeracy – Nat 2, RME; Nicole Redding, Numeracy, Wallace House Pupil of the Year.

W4 – Marcus Bell, John Muir, Numeracy; Chloe Dick, Health & Wellbeing, ICT/Computing Science, Literacy Nat 2, PE; Nicole Hamilton, Learning Works, PDA; Ace Prentice, Art, Drama; Zach Short, RME; Helen Smith, Learning Works, Literacy.

W5 – Zoe Andrews, John Muir; Owen Cassidy, Art, RME; Liam Dunn, DET – Nat 2; Lewis Ings Hodgson, Numeracy; Aidan MacBeth, John Muir, PE; Blake Scobbie, Attendance, Music, PDA Award.

W6 – Struan Baird, PE, Literacy; Sara Coyle, ICT/Computing Science, John Muir, Social Subjects; Barry Ferguson, Kenneth Buckley Award; David Marshall, Attendance; Haris Mustaffa, Social Subjects; Daniel Stewart, Health & Wellbeing, Learning Works; Maria Thomson, John Muir, Music.

W7 – Hannah Craig, DET – Nat 4, Outstanding Achievement in Drama, Hospitality, ICT/Computing Science, PE; Kevin Davidson, Saltire, Work Experience; Nico Dinardo, RME; Aidan Inglis, ICT/Compupting Science; Rachel Verhees, Music; Corey Yeadon, Numeracy.