Pupils’ achievements celebrated at St Mungo’s RC High School

The St Mungo’s RC High School community gathered last week to recognise the hard work and dedication of its pupils.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 12:00 pm
John Swinney, Deputy First Minister of Scotland; Charlie Meikle, Junior Proxime Accessit; Abbie Stewart, Junior Proxime Accessit; Patrick Campbell, Junior Dux; Joseph Allison, Senior Dux; Hannah Young, Senior Proxime Accessit; Craig Yeardly, Senior Proxime Accessit and Stephen Phee, Head Teacher St Mungo's High School.

Speaking on Thursday night, Rector Stephen Phee, said the annual prizegiving was to “pay a special tribute to those who have done so well and given back so much to the school”.

He spoke of the “many and varied” successes of the school’s students – both academic and in extra-curricular activities saying: “our award winners have had to work hard and they should be proud of their achievements”.

Among the audience of pupils, staff and families were invited guests, including special guest John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills.

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister of Scotland; Patrick Campbell, Junior Dux; Joseph Allison, Senior Dux and Stephen Phee, Head Teacher St Mungo's High School.

Addressing the assembly hall, Mr Phee also spoke of the school’s cultural and creative events, leadership opportunities and school trips.

He praised pupils for the “fantastic sum” of over £20,000 which they raised to support good causes and different charities.

During the course of the evening, Joseph Allison was named as the school’s senior dux, while Craig Yeardly and Hannah Young were the senior proxime accessits.

Junior dux is Patrick Campbell, with Charlie Meikle and Abbie Stewart the junior proxime accessits.

Joseph Allison, Senior Dux.

Summing up in his speech, Mr Phee said: “Last year was a good year, a successful year in terms of attainment, destinations, how well you take advantage of all the opportunities on offer to you...but just as important, in some respects more important, is the work we do, together with your parents, to help you grow into fine young adults.

“Young men and women who know the difference between right and wrong, with a strong sense of social justice.

“At the heart of that work are our school values – respect, love, tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and faith.

“Seeing you put these values into practice every day gives me the confidence to say that when you leave school I know they are going to have a good life, but you will also lead a good life. A life full of promise and hope, a life full of opportunities but not in a selfish way, not at the expense of others.”

The winners:

S1 CFE Acheivement Awards – S1 Successful Learners: Art & Design – Laura Krzyzak, James Shearer; Business Education – Frances Neil; Design Technology – Zoe Diamond, Lucja Trzeciecka; English – Keri Anderson, Chloe McGowan, Nicole Paterson, Rocco Rafferty; Home Economics, – Cameron Gregg, Amelia Wysocka; ICT – Erin Gibson, Kara McLaren, Markuss Ungers; Mathematics – Louisa Kane, Lewis McGuckin; Music – Kaja Blechewicz, Simone Kowal; Physical Education – Aman Thakur; Religious Education – Lilly Campbell, Patrik Tomcisak; Science – Emma Meikle, Julia Trzybinska; Social Subjects – Joseph Grattan, Emily Gregory, Caoimhe Hegarty; Spanish – Jack McGuire, Eva Dougall; Business Education and French – Tom Green; ICT & Social Subjects – Daniel Clarkson; French & Social Subjects – Evan Clark. S1 CFE Champions: Art & Design – Katie McElroy; Business Education – Dedei Hainey; French – Jessica Crangle; Physical Education – Lexi Cattanach; Religious Education – Eva Dougall; Science – Nicole Sawicz; Social Subjects – Harriet Tribble; Spanish – Tjay Ballingall; French & PE – Flynn Hogg; English, ICT, Mathematics & Social Subjects – James Shearer; Design Technology, English, Home Economics, Music & Social Subjects – Tom Green. S2 CFE Achievement Awards, S2 Successful Learner: Art – Cara Dickson; Business Education – Sara Stevenson; Computing Science – Claire Hagerty; Design Technology – Eva Bell, Martyna Lyczek; English – Sara Baty, Mary Bridgeman; French – Tiegan Riddoch; Mathematics, Subhan Shahid; Music – Haylie Jackson, Ashleigh O’Hara; Physical Education – Kimberley Crawford; Quin Mallon; Social Subjects – Holly Milne, Hope Rafferty; Spanish – Frank Allan, Euan Cunningham; Science – Keira Smith, Christopher Watkins; Computing Science and Social Subjects –Amy Millar; Computing Science and Physical Education – Rachel Reid; Business Education and Mathematics – Grace Galvin; Art and Religious Education – Max Angus; French, Religious Eduction and Social Subjects –Euan McGuire; English, Home Economics and Music – Mirren Hainey. S2 CFE Champions: Business Education –Euan McGuire; Computing Science –Elanor Thom; Design Technology – Christopher Watkins; English – Ula Kelly, Piper Ure; Home Economics – Rachel Reid; Music – Emma Hay; Physical Education – Thomas Fulton; Religious Education – Luke Crozier, Cara Dickson, Connor Sweeney; Social Subjects – Harry McGlynn, Mirren Hainey; Spanish – Ania Garczarek, Molly McGhee; Science – Kimberley Crawford; Art and Mathematics – Amy Millar; French and Social Subjects – Keira Smith. UKMT Junior Maths Challenge Gold - James Shearer, Patrik Tomcisak, Jasmine Sutherland, Ruby Valentine, Amy Millar, Subhan Shahid, Lewis Bulloch, Catherine Campbell; Bronze - Emma Meikle, Amelia Wysocka, Molly Montague, Owen Matthews, Aidan Dunnigan, Haylie Jackson, Jess Mooney, Nathan Hill, Bekah Weightman, Neahve Douglas, Thomas Fulton, Daniel McCue, John-Joe Devlin, Matthew Stewart, Ethan O’Donnell, Connor Sweeney. S3 Successful Learners: Art – Mirran Bell; Biology – Caitlin Jamieson, Danni McNamara; Chemistry – Reece Scott; Computing Science – Iman Bhatti, Michael McGarvey; Drama – Mya Hay; Engineering Science – Nathan Shanks; English – Jenna Kiddie; English – Matthew Mulholland, Suzy Farquharson; French – Nathan Horn; Geography – Sarah Kaney; Graphic Communication – Aidan Dougall, Cameron Ainslie; Health & Food Technology – Isla Mayor; History –Sarah Mulholland; Mathematics – Alicia Thom; Media – Jasmine Chakir, Mia Gardner; Music Technology – Dylan MacLeod, Owen Clark; Physics – Hammad Ali, Mia Luggett; Practical Craft Skills – James Patterson, Max Monaghan; Practical Electronics –Jay Ward; Religious Education – Anthony McGuire, Molli Robb, Zoe Munro; French and Practical Electronics – Reece Gallagher; Business Education and Music – Kirsten Kennedy; Chemistry and Mathematics – Myron MacBeth; Hospitality and Spanish – Brogan McIlwraith; Computing Science and Spanish – Samuel McIntosh; Music and Physical Education – Anya McKenna; Art, Engineering Science and Physical Education – Jay-Jay Carter; Drama and Phyiscal Education – Martin Munro. S3 CFE Champions: Business Education – William Reid; Chemistry – Samuel McIntosh; Drama – Jasmin Dick; Engineering Science – Christopher Hay; English – Ava Clark; French – Walliss Mooney, Suzy Farquharson; Graphic Communication – Mia Lugget; Health & Food Technology – Olivia McGhee; History – Alicia Thom; Media – Mirran Bell; Music Technology – Liam Tribble; Physical Education – Alex Jaye, Leo Inglis, Samuel Kane; Practical Craft Skills – Scott Martin; Practical Electronics – Jared Callaghan; Religious Education – Jismaria Jijo, Sarah Mulholland; Spanish – Anna Marr; Physics and Spanish – Reece Scott; Art and Hospitality – Paige Rydeard; Biology and Music – Myron MacBeth; Computing Science, Geography and Mathematics – Jay-Jay Carter. National 4 Awards: Administration and IT – Katie Walker; Art & Design – Krystian Zadrozny; Business Management – Kieran MacPhail; Drama – Megan Merrilees; Engineering Science – Connor McQuaide; English – Nathan Ainslie; Geography – Kamile Kybartaite; History – Saiba Jabbar; Mathematics – Patrycja Maj; Music Performing – Daniel Fyfe; Physical Education – Nathan Horn; Practical Woodworking & Practical Electronics – John Thompson. National 5 Awards: Accounting and Geography – Nicola Thomson; Administration & IT and Biology – Milena Kacicka; Applications of Mathematics – Katrina Campbell; Art & Design – Angharad Farquhar; Business Management – Noemi Kowal; Chemistry, Physics and Computing Science – Patrick Campbell; Drama, History and Media – Olivia McArdle; Engineering Science – Wojciech Galazka; English – Cara Captain; French and Graphic Commuication – Monib Butt; Health & Food Technology – Caitlin Anderson; Hospitality: Cookery – Rheigan McLennan Anderson, Nikola Palka; Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft – Chloe Ledwidge, Jade Stewart; Mathematics, Music Technology and Physics – Charlie Meikle; Modern Studies and Spanish – Abbie Stewart; Music Performing – Lewis Kelly; Physical Education – Michael Beattie, Iga Wojciechowska; Practical Woodworking – Marta Rak; Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies – Charlie Parker; Sociology – Leon Cook. Personal Development Awards – Charlie Parker, Laurie McNeill, Alesha Thompson, Josh Skinner. Princes Trust Achieve Certificate: Ammarah Aslam, Daniel Fyfe, Thomas Gaffney, Amber Kaney, Ciaran Houston, Saiba Jabbar, Danielis Jakubovskis, Liam Lowe, Connor McQuaide, Alex Neary, Charlie Parker, Fraser Stephen, Aleasha Thomson. Higher Awards: Accounting – Callan Hogarth; Administration & IT – Alysha McMillan; Art & Design – Mark McKinlay; Business Management – Radek Kaszubowski; Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics and Physics – Craig Yeardly; Drama and History – Emma Robb; Engineering Science – Lucy Scott; English and French – Joseph Allison; Geography and Human Biology – Hannah Young; Graphic Communication – Nikola Palka; Health & Food Technology – Sara Moleda; Media – Joely Lerpiniere; Modern Studies – Sophie Stoddart; Music with Performing – Joseph Hand; Music Technology – Tobias Gribben; Photography – Yasmin McCafferty; Physical Education – Zoe Moore; Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies – Mia Farquharson; Sociology – Ellie O’Donnell; Spanish – Marie Louise Henretty; Sports Leadership (Level 5) – Pheobe Angus. Advanced Higher Awards: Accounting and Computing Science – Scott Florence; Art & Design – Niamh McAllister; Biology – Fraser Wilson; Chemistry and Music Performing – Lindsay Young; English – Jenna Beattie; Graphic Communication – Aaron Groves; History – Hana Jamieson; Mathematics, Physics and Spanish – Alexander Whitmarsh; Modern Studies – Olivia Harvey; Music with Performing – Cameron Clark; Physical Education – Pheobe Angus. National Progression Awards: Film & Media Level 6 – Madison Murray; Cyber Security Level 6 – Kuba Kukielka; Computer Games Development Level 6 – Thomas Mulholland. Young Applicants in School Awards: Kuba Kukielka, Cameron Clark, Scott Florence. Peer Mentoring Awards: Gabrielle Alexander, Shannon Allingham, Jenna Beattie, Mansi Chavan, Catherine Flannery, Marie Henretty, Caitlin Hill, Lily Kelly, Maisie McArdle, Olivia McMahon, Chelsea O’Hara, Holly Smith, Lucy Smith. House Captain Awards: Andrew Captain – Ellie O’Donnell; Columba Captain – Ethan Purdie; Kentigern Captain – Katie Craigen; Margaret Captain – Megan Gallagher; Ninian Captain – Lindsay Young; Ogilvie Captain – Szymon Barczynski. St Mungo’s PTA Music Festival: Instrumental Excellence – Cameron Clark; S5/6 Highly Commended – Rose Ferguson; S5/6 Winner – Joe Hand; Rock/Pop Winner – Thomas Henderson; Star Vocalist – Iona Hynes; S3/4 Winner – Owen McElroy; S3/4 Highly Commended – Kasia Pollock, Nojus Vakauskas; Jane Melba Prize for Woodwind – Lindsay Young. Nycos Silver Award – Jiyona Joseph. Special Awards: Roy Northam Memorial Trophy – Carmen Judge; Lorraine Currie Memorial Award – Kuba Kukielka; Lawrence Haggart Memorial Trophy – Tiwi Daramola; Saul Elliott Memorial Shield – Kane Elliott; Archbishop’s Award – Lindsay Young; Rector’s Award – Ben Sinclair; HJ Lynch Award – Euan McGuire; SVDP Frederick Ozanam Award – Aine King; St Anthony’s Parish Council Award – Abin Chacko; Tom Kennedy Award – Natasha O’Hara; Hilary Moraes Award – Pheobe Angus; Pat Crossan Award for outstanding contribution to Music – Cameron Clark, Hamish Clark; Concrete Society of Scotland Award for excellence in BGE Technology – Scott Yeardly; The RBS Award for Business Education for excellence – Ethan Purdie; The Phillip Collins Reading Award – Keri Anderson; The Maurissa Clark Award – Global Citizenship Group (Collected by Dominic Pollock and Reece Connor); Anne Mitchell Award for outstanding contribution to Media – Ryan Stirling; Microsoft Showcase School Digital Award – Charlie Muir; The Spirit of St Mungo’s Declan Rennie Award – Alysha McMillan; Junior Proxime Accessit – Charlie Meikle, Abbie Stewart; Junior Dux – Patrick Campbell; Senior Proxime Accessit – Craig Yeardly, Hannah Young; Senior Dux – Joseph Allison.