Prize pupils at Larbert High

The achievements of pupils at Larbert High - both academic and on a wider scale – were celebrated last week when the school held its annual prizegiving.

By Fiona Dobie
Thursday, 12th September 2019, 11:00 am
Jon Reid, Rector; Claire Singleton, Proxime Accessit; Joseph Parker, Dux; Abby Dickson, Proxime Accessit and John Loughton, guest speaker. Pic: Michael Gillen.

Special guest at the ceremony was former Big Brother winner John Loughton.

Joseph Parker earned the school’s top award, being named dux, while this year’s proxime accessits are Claire Singleton and Abby Dickson.

Rector Jon Reid said: “We are absolutely delighted to be recognising the talents and achievements of almost 500 young people, not only for academic attainment but for a large number of wider achievements, hard work, effort and commitment. All qualities that are required to succeed in today’s world.

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“This year, in terms of academic attainment, our young people have achieved an outstanding set of results - with some of the best results in the last five years.

“We have also seen a far broader range of qualifications being achieved - not just the traditional Highers - but including ‘work ready’ qualifications such as Skills for Work courses, Foundation Apprenticeships and Higher National Certificates. We want to give our young people the ‘edge’ to help them compete for jobs and places at college and uni., giving them the best start possible when they are ready to leave school. We are delighted that our partnership with Forth Valley College is helping us to deliver these qualifications and is going from strength to strength with more young people than ever before being involved with this over the year ahead.

“The array of wider achievements is striking and diverse - across a very diverse spectrum including STEM, sport, art, drama, music, languages and charity work.

“We have focussed on the rights of all of our young people so that all of them feel included and valued - and we greatly value the contribution that ALL of our young people make to our community.

“We have been recognised for our work in the Rights Respecting School programme and for our work with Parents as Partners in Learning.

We are immensely proud of everyone’s achievements.

“I am proud to lead such an excellent school, with a team of outstanding teachers, supportive parents and partners and some of the finest young people in Scotland.

“Congratulations to all being recognised – and remember, that there is much more to come in the years ahead.”


Hussain Ahmad; Alesha Ahmed; Tom Ainslie; Lucy Ainsworth; Sam Aitken; Edgar Allan; Sophie Allan; Evie Allison; Frazer Amos; Callum Andersen; Connor Anderson; Micah Anderson; Nicole Andrew; Rachel Angus; Sarah Armstrong; Emma Auld; Billie Marie Baillie; Bryony Barr; Euan Bernard; Finlay Berry; Harvey Berry; Cormac Binnie; Alice Blair; Ryan Bone; Ava Brooks; Dane Brown; Maja Brzezinska; Scott Buchanan; Marcus Budd; Stephanie Burgoyne; Louise Cade; James Calderwood; Caleigh Campbell; Carla Campbell; Harry Campbell; Nathan Campbell; Niamh Campbell; Molly Canavan; Amy Cardno; Olivia Carling; Kathryn Carson-Brown; Tegan Carty; Aaron Chiappa; Katie Christie; Blaine Clark; Charlotte Clem; Kendra Cobain; Hannah Cochrane; Erin Collins; Eva Collister; Sinclair Comrie; Summer Cook; Ewan Cope; Lexie Corbett; Emma Cowan; Kacey Cowan; Martha Jayne Cowan; Scott Cowan; Heather Cowie; Fraser Cox; Oliver Cramb; Amy Cruickshank; Brooke Cuthbert; Grace Cuthbertson; Alexandra D’Alby; Charlotte D’Alby; Matthew Davidson; Rory Davidson; Max Davis; Poppy De Ruiter; Rachel Dee; Mhairi Deed; Elena Devlin; Hana Dick; Ryan Dick; Andrew Dingwall; Anthony Dodds; Emily Dodds; Steven Donaldson; Abbie Duncan; Anna Dyson; Kasia Erm; Ava Fairley; Jonathan Faulks; Olivia Fawkes; Jenna Ferguson; Lauren Finlay; Sonny Finn; Rachel Fleming; Brooke Fraser; Kim Fraser; Stuart Fraser; Sam Friar; Callum Gardner; Niamh Gargan; Robyn Gargan; Euan George; Rebecca Gibb; Cailin Gibson; Jack Gilfillan; Flynn Gillespie; Mia Gilmartin; Daniel Goodsir; Adam Gourlay; James Gower; Adam Grant; Lewis Gray; Rebecca Gray; Rebekah Gray; Megan Gregg; Adam Grieve; Lucas Grieve; Katie Griffiths; Jamie Grome; Rebecca Gunn; Erin Hagan; Kelsey Hall; Amii Hamilton; Jenna Hamilton; Alexandra Hannah; Jason Harley; Ava Harris; Brooke Hastings; Flynn Hemsley; Erin Henderson; Mark Henderson; Cara Hendry; Erin Hendry; Alfie Henny; Julie Hogg; Neve Hogg; Alexa Hope; Isla Houston; Ellie Howgate; Chelsy Hughes; Louise Hulse; Luci Hulse; Murray Hunter; Emma Irvine; Marnie Izatt; Ben Jack; Sara Jack; Luca Jackson; Sophie Jamieson; Eve Jenkins; Jack Johnson; Ciara Johnston; Lauren Johnston; Roddy Johnston; Zoe Johnston; Natalie Johnstone; Hugh Jones; Amy Joyce; Joseph Kallow; Rachael Keenan; Rhys Kelly; Casey-Jo Kennedy; Anya Kerr; Jodie Kerr; Mickey Kesson; Robbie Kewell; Uzair Khan; Cara Laird; Isla Laird; Ross Laird; Phoebe Lamming; Lauren Lamont; Andrew Laurie; Catriona Lees; Isabella Lees; Amy Leslie; Sophie Leslie; Iona Liddle; Amber Lindsay; Finlay Llewellyn; Fraser Lloyd; Sophie Lloyd; Nicholas Loutfi; Liza Loutsenko; Andrew Macdonald; Connor Macdonald; Isla Macdonald; James MacDonald; Kayla MacDonald; Ruth MacDonald; Campbell Mackay; Marcus Mackay; Abbi MacLeod; Kacey MacPherson; Euan MacRae; Bethany Mardon; Aimee Markham; Catherine Mason; Hollie Mason; Benjamin Massey; Kyle Matthews; Nicole McAinsh; Andrew McArthur; Rebecca McArthur; Natasha McAteer; Robbie McBain; Charlie McBride; Grace McBride; Sophie McCormick; Erin McCrossan; Niamh McCrossan; Lewis McCulloch; Sarah McDonald; Eilidh McDuff; Melissa McFadzean; Murray McGillivray; Chantelle McGoff; Evie McGrandles; Holly McGregor; Zoe McGuckin; Lauren McGuire; Sarah McIntosh; Iona McIntyre; Georgia McKeever; Courtney McKenzie; Zakk McKenzie; Connor McKerron; Gregor McKinnon; Eve McLaren; Cameron McLay; Mauragh McLay; Blair McMillan; Thomas McMillan; Beth McMurtrie; Katie McNaught; Cara McPhaden; Cameron McRobbie; Abbie McRoberts; Ben McRoberts; Kirsty Melville; Zara Menzies; Kade Millar; Abbie Miller; Emma Miller; Rebecca Miller; William Miller; Holly Mitchell; Callum Moffat; Evan Morgan; Cole Morrison; Tamar-Grace Morrison; Lucy Morton; Erin Murphy; Mackenzie Myles; Kara Nelson; Ben Niven; Katie Niven; Libby Oatway; Rachel Oatway; Melissa Oliver; Esme Ong; Jayme O’Reilly; Caitlin Orr; Kofi Osei; Piotr Papciak; Sarah Parker; Amy Parsons; Brenna Paterson; Darcey Paterson; Morgan Paterson; Caitlin Peattie-Hume; Noah Peggie; Aimee Phillips; Sam Pinkerton; Richie Pow; Amelie Purdon; Mo Qin; Rachel Quin; Lottie Rae; Nicola Ramsay; Megan Randall; Christian Reibig; Liadhain Reid; Lisa Rennie; Niamh Richards; Jessica Riddoch; Millie Robertson; Scott Robertson; Tom Robertson; Niamh Robertson-Jack; Alex Robinson; Katie Robinson; Jay Roddan; Sophie Rollin; Ben Ross; Alyx Roy; Emily Russell; Martin Rutherford; Krislyna Rutkunaite; Sarah Sardzikova; Jack Seton; Ellie-George Shanks; Niamh Shannon; Cameron Shaw; Nada Shraz; Erin Simmers; Eva Simpson; Isla Simpson; Ellie Sinclair; Sebastian Skierski; Catriona Small; Alicia Smith; Jake Smith; Rebecca Smith; Teigan Smith; Brooke Sneddon; Ruben Soroka; Ben Stenton; Amber Stevenson; Connor Stevenson; April Stewart; Isobel Stewart; Matthew Stewart; Jake Stott; Kiera Strang; Olivia Strang; Euan Strathie; Katie Sutherland; Ella Taylor; David Taylor-Stewart; Ellie Tetsill; Abigail Thewlis; Aidan Thewlis; Emmy Thomson; Lauren Thomson; Sophie Townsend; Zoe Tulloch; Jana Turki; Kyle Waddell; Skye Watson; Jenna Weir; Luke Westwood; Orla Whelan; Beth Whitfield; Brandon Whitton; Holly Whyte; Caitlin Williams; Isla Williams; Piper Williamson; Sarah Williamson; Abbie Wilson; Gabby Wilson; Keira Wilson; Leona Wilson; Natasha Wilson; Frazer Wright; Jonathan Wright; Amy Yardley; Calum Yeaman; Zoe Yeaman; Cayleigh Young; Michelle Yu


Megan Abercrombie; James Ablett; Esha Afzal; Leeoni Aitchison; Zainab Ali; Aimee Allan; Amy Allan; Marcus Allan; Gregor Amos; Heather Anderson; Megan Anderson; Mark Angus; Mehreen Anwar; Alina Aumar; Sophie Beglin; Matthew Bell; Abigail Blackley; Sophia Blum; Paige Boyne; ; Ryan Brannen; Ailie Brown; James Brown; Murray Brown; Pierce Brown; Olivia Bryce; Amie Bryson; Amelia Budd; Olivia Buist; Ross Burden; Jennifer Burnett; Euan Burns; Karolina Caikovska; Sophie Calderwood; Kyle Caldwell; Arthur Callaghan; Daisy Campbell; Robyn Campbell; Sara Campbell; Oliver Cargill; Michael Carney; Jake Cavanagh; Joe Chalmers; Chloe Cheung; Nigel Cheung; Roxi Cojocaru; Rosie Collier; Rachel Conroy; Sarah Cook; Claire Cowan; Holly Cowan; Nathan Cowan; Zara Cowan; Ellie Coxall; McKenzie Cranston; Miriam Crawford; Alexander Crowe; Clare Cunningham; Rytis Danilevicius; ; Aimee David; Amandalee Davie; Cameron Davie; Jenna Davie; Jordan Dewar; Cameron Dick; Abby Dickson; Emily Dobbie; Niall Dodds; Cameron Doonan; Anna Dougan; Sophie Dow; Bethany Duffell; Andrew Duncan; Sarah Dyson; Jack Eadie; Alyx Easton; Leah Faulks; Emily Ferguson; Kara Ferguson; Katie Ferguson; Kristin Ferguson; Mia Findlay; James Fisher; Niamh Fisher; Denis-Andrei Florescu; Rachel Foote; James Gaft; Paige Galloway; Conor Gamble; Amy Garai; Alex Gardiner; Fraser Gardiner; Tom Gardner; Duncan Gassner; Ross Gauld; Ben Gavigan; Mac Gavigan; Ellie Gifford; Lewis Gillespie; Rebecca Godfrey; Blair Goodwin; Amanda Graham; Ava Gray; Josh Hale; Evie Hannah; Kyle Hannah; Elise Hargreaves-Raymen; Eve Harkins; Perrie Harvey; Fraser Hastings; Jonathan Hastings; Sara Hendry; Kyra Ho; Abbie Hunter; Jay Jackson; Chloe Jarvie; Aleena Javaid; Stuart Jenkins; Flora Johnston; Nina Johnston; Rachel Johnston; Andrew Jones; Megan Jordan; Rebecca Joyce; Hubert Kaczmarski; Ewan Kane; Eve Karpinski; Amy Keenan; Zed Kennedy; Erin Kerr; Louie Kesson; Mia Kidd; Niamh Kidd; Conor Kirkbride; Lauren Lafferty; Lucas Laing; Erin Lake; Melissa Law; Emma Lawrie; Hannah Lawrie; David Lawton; Sarah Liddell; Katie Liddle; Callum Lloyd; Michael Lloyd; Craig Lockyer; Roni Louden; Roni Louden; Anna MacKellaig; ; Hannah MacLeod; Iona MacMillan; Nicole MacMillan; Alex Mardon; ; Steven Marshall; Vania Martin; Max Masterton; Heather Matheson;

Jamie Maxwell; Rowan Maxwell; Lauren McAlpine; Millie McAuslan; Cam McBurney; Liam McCallum; Erin McCrossan; Colin McDonagh; Ewan McDonagh; Jack McEwan; Kyle McGillivray; Rachel McIntosh; Reece McIntyre; Kathrine McKenzie; Jamie McKie; Ellie McLaren; Niamh McLay; Lewis McPake; Jodie McPhee; Erin McQuade; David McQuet; Cerys McWatt; Eve Meighan; Louise Melville; Rebecca Melville; Cara Mitchell; Carrie Mitchell; ; Ross Mitchell; Cerys Morgan; Stefan Morrison; Fiona Murphy; Sarah Myles; Daniel Nash; Holly Newlands; Sophie Nicol; Innes O’Donnell; Tilly O’Donnell; Lewis Ollier; Megan O’Neill; Megan Palfreyman; Cameron Park; Joseph Parker; Sam Parsons; Adam Pascoe; Alastair Paterson; Emily Patterson; Bethan Pennie; Ryan Prentice; Jennifer Preston; Emily Ramsay; Luke Randall; Luke Randall; Ellie Ray; Rachel Rebecca; Abby Renwick; Ellie Rintoul; Aidan Robertson; Brooke Robertson; Kerry Robertson; Emma Robinson; Caitlin Roy; Meaghan Roy; Daniel Ruthven; Mark Samson; Alexandra Sardzikova;

Callum Scott; Bekah Seton; Chloe Sever; Leo Shak; James Sharma; Erin Shaw; Jennifer Shaw; Megan Shaw; Sam Shaw; Amy Simmons; Matthew Simpson; Claire Singleton; Connor Sliman; Alastair Small; Benjamin Small; Haydn Smith; Mari Smith; Reagan Smith; Jenna Speed; Blair Spinks; David Stainbank; Calum Stark; Cameron Stein; Ellie Stenton; Sandie Stevenson; Benjamin Stewart; Stephanie Stewart; Laura Stirling; Aimee Strawhorn; Sophie Stuart; Hilary Stupart; Jayd Tetsill; Blaine Thomson; Elizabeth Thomson; James Thomson; Carly Toland; Ellie Turnbull; Rebecca Walker; Aimee Wannan; Ashleigh Wannan; Ethan Weir; Chloe Welsh; Alex Whitfield; Nathan Whyte; Cameron Wilson; Ellie Wilson; Finlay Wilson; Nicole Wilson; Abbie Wojcik; Aimee Wojcik; Hayley Yorston; Kaiden Young; Lauren Young; Rebecca Young.