Lanark ladies take the plunge to raise funds for playgroup

Lynne Steer and Patricia West are the Dippy DippersLynne Steer and Patricia West are the Dippy Dippers
Lynne Steer and Patricia West are the Dippy Dippers
Two Lanark women have been talking the plunge to raise funds for an organisation that has been at the heart of the community for over 50 years.

St Nicholas Playgroup & Toddlers has had little income during the Covid-19 pandemic as restrictions have forced it to close, but it still had costs to cover.

Playgroup manager Lynne Steer and her friend Patricia West, a former playgroup parent, have been braving the elements across South Lanarkshire every day in February.

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The duo were already keen open water ‘dippers’, but decided to take this to the extreme in a bid to raise £500, however were absolutely “flabbergastered” as nearly £3000 has rolled in via their GoFundMe page.

Lynne said: “It has been frustrating and saddening to be unable to offer our service to Lanark families.

"It feels like a whole generation of children and families have missed out on the play, fun, socialisation, friendship and support that our group offers.“We have had little to no income for the past few months, however still have core costs to pay if we are to survive this.

“I have been partaking in some open water dipping lately with my friend Patricia and decided we would like to do A Dip A Day in February to help meet these costs.

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"We haven’t travelled too far, but we have been to the likes of Carnwath, Chatelherault and Symington and have been surpirsed at the amount of interest it has generated.

"Obviously you have to be careful around water, especially with the recent weather, but it is so good for your health – both mentally and physically – and we’ve had a few people say they’d love to join us, so maybe that is something that can be explored in the future.

"We hoped maybe we’d manage to raise £500, so to have received nearly six times that has left us absolutely flabbergasted and we can;t thank everyone enough.

"It just shows what a place in the heart of the community the playgroup has developed over the past 50 years that it isn’t our current parents supporting us but loads of the children and parents from years gone by.”

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