Just like starting over for dux Zoe

Larbert High's 2016 dux says she is starting life all over again as she embarks on her studies at university full of promise.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 3rd October 2016, 4:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:47 pm
Dux, Zoe Dickson takes a selfie with proxime accessits Chrstie Gillies; Max Kolle; Murray Johnston; Calum Paterson; Iain Lind and guest speaker, Judy Murray. Picture: Michael Gillen
Dux, Zoe Dickson takes a selfie with proxime accessits Chrstie Gillies; Max Kolle; Murray Johnston; Calum Paterson; Iain Lind and guest speaker, Judy Murray. Picture: Michael Gillen

Zoe Dickson is loving life after school at Strathclyde University where she will be studying mechanical engineering and international studies for the next five years.

But, as she sets out into adulthood already fulfilling one of her ambitions of 
becoming the dux, she says she’s still got it all to prove.

Girl Guide volunteer Zoe, who is also a qualified gymnastics and dance coach, said: “Last year I was the school’s head girl and everyone kind of knew who I was.

“Here at university, nobody knows me so I have it all to do again but I’m loving life as a student, it’s fantastic.

“Becoming the dux was something I had been aiming for for a couple of years and to do it was amazing but it there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there.

“I liked all subjects at school so I don’t have a long-term plan at the moment about what I want to do for a career but I’m sure I’ll work that out soon enough.

Head teacher Jon Reid was lavish with praise at the prize-giving for the pupils in a year the school celebrated more than double the number of pupils receiving an award.

He said: “I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to all of the prize winners – well done to each and every one of them and also to the ‘team’ that has supported them on their way, whoever that may be.”

Prize winners:

BGE (S1): Expressive Arts, Steven Aitken, English Zainab Ali, Humanities, KaceyBinnie, Technologies, Sophia Blum, IPS, Briana Boyd, English Euan Burns, Expressive Arts Daisy Campbell, Mathematics Rosie Collier, IPS Bradley Connell, HWB Ellie Coxall, IPS Fraser Crawford, IPS Ciaran Dolan, Mathematics Alyx Easton, IPS Richard Galbraith, Humanities Evie Hannah, Languages Elise Hendry, Technologies Rachel Johnston, Mathematics Amy Keenan, Expressive Arts Megan Kennedy, Expressive Arts Emily Kidd, Mathematics Robbie Macdonald, IPS Kyle Malcolm, Science Heather Matheson, Science Colin McDonagh, Science Kyle McGillivray, Languages Duncan McIntyre, Technologies Aiden McKeever, Mathematics Rhys McKinlay, Languages Anna Milliken, IPS Samuel Mizon, HWB Jamie Monteith, Science Lauryn Muirhead, HWB Jennifer Preston, Science Meaghan Roy, Mathematics Erin Shaw, IPS Natasha Spiller, Humanities Helena Stevenson, IPS Aaron Storrie, English Hilary Stupart, Technologies Grace Tailford, Languages Amy Thomson, IPS Abigail Wark, Expressive Arts Joshua Wright, Humanities and HWB Amelia Budd, IPS and Mathematics Arnold Caikovskij, English and Humanities Sophie Calderwood, English and Humanities, Bethany Condie, Languages and Science Zara Cowan, English and Technologies Nina D’Ambrosio, Humanities and Mathematics, Aimee David, Humanities and IPS Ceilidh Donald, Technologies and Humanities Emily Patterson, English and Humanities Ellie Turnbull, IPS and Languages Peter Verhees, HWB and IPS Jack Webster, Humanities, Languages and Science Lewis Gillespie, English, Humanities and Technologies Jack McEwan, Humanities, HWB, Science and Technologies Ellie Gifford.

S2: Mathematics Megan Anderson, Languages Samuel Batchelor, Science, Oliver Cargill, HWB Hugh Carter, English Lana Cowan, HWB Tait Cunningham, English Mia Findlay, HWB Megan Fraser, Mathematics Eve Harkins, Spanish Jonathan Hastings, Humanities Holly Hemsley, Technologies Hubert Kaczmarski, Science Zed Kennedy, Mathematics Libby Khaliq, Mathematics Jessie Kidd, Languages Sophie MacLean, Technologies Chloe McAteer, Technologies Adam Palencar, Technologies Megan Palfreyman, Humanities Adam Pascoe, English Luke Randall, Humanities Alastair Small, HWB Sandie Stevenson, Expressive Arts Nathan Whyte, Expressive Arts Jenna Wilson, Science and Technologies Gregor Amos, English and Expressive Arts Hannah Gourlay, Humanities and Science Rebecca Joyce, Expressive Arts and Mathematics Leo Shak, Technologies and Mathematics Jennifer Shaw, Languages and Science Matthew Simpson, English & Expressive Arts Madeleine Swinney, English and Science Cameron Wilson, Mathematics, Science and Technologies Anna Dougan, Humanities, Science and Technologies Sarah Dyson, HWB, Languages and Mathematics Ava Gray, English, Expressive Arts and Science Bethan Pennie, English, Humanities and Languages Carly Toland.

S3: English Iona Alker, Humanities Danielle Blyth, Languages Peter Crawford, Mathematics Sandy Crowe, HWB Amandalee Davie, Mathematics Cameron Dick, Technologies Calum Fairbairn, Expressive Arts Emily Ferguson, Expressive Arts Niamh Fisher, Mathematics Hamish Grant, Technologies George Guthrie, HWB Megan Jordan, English Niamh Kidd, Expressive Arts Lucas Laing, Mathematics Melissa Law, Expressive Arts Emma Lawrie, Mathematics Max Masterton, Languages Raymond Maxwell, Technologies Chloe McFarlane, Humanities Cara Mitchell, English Daniel Nash, Technologies Aaron Park, Science Caitlin Roy, HWB Laura Stirling, Humanities Charlie Stott, Technologies Aimee Strawhorn, English Olivia Taylor, Humanities, Ethan Weir, Humanities Abbie Wojcik, Mathematics and Technologies Olivia Bryce, Humanities and Science Abby Dickson, Languages and Science Emily Dobbie, English and Science Ella Fish, English and Expressive Arts Josh Hale, HWB and Mathematics Flora Johnston, Expressive Arts and Languages Craig Lockyer, Humanities and Science, Emma Robinson, HWB and Mathematics Claire Singleton, English, Science and Technologies Joseph Parker, Languages, Science and Technologies Amy Simmons, English, Humanities and Languages Adam Taylor, Dance Amy Young.

Senior Subject (S4): Spanish Lucy Bell, Biology Ashleigh Chan, Graphic Communication Jack Cunningham, Modern Studies Kathryn Daley, Engineering Science Robbie Fotheringham, History Megan Goodwin, Drama Keigan Hawthorn, Business Management Romessa Kaleem, French Rebecca Leiper, Music Catriona MacLeod, Design and Manufacture Andrew Matheson, Practical Woodworking Conor McAnsh, Physical Education Lucy McLaren, English Esme O’Donnell, Geography Lana Owen, Computing Science Luke Peggie, Physics Daniel Porter, HFT Chloe Ray, Chemistry, Jamie Scott, Music Annette Selwyn, Music Technology Jade Simpson, Hospitality Morgan Smith, English Eve Sneddon, Art and Design Carys Speed, Physical Education Calli Wilson, HFT Rebekah Wilson, German and Media Natasha Morton, Computing Science, Mathematics, Physics and Spanish Andrew Fleming.

S5: Music Technology Jennifer Anderson, Practical Cake Craft Chloe Bayes, Dance Niamh Cloughley, RMPS Lauren Collie, Graphic Communication Ciara Donaldson, Administration and IT Ryan Ewing, Media Grace Gernon, Mathematics Kaitlin Hair, Drama Emily Henderson, Design and Manufacture Ben Johnstone, Media Ross McAteer, Business Management Scott McKenzie, Physical Education Jordan McLaughlin, Practical Cake Craft, Photography Morgan Reid, HFT Amy Sharp, English Nathan Swinney, Latin Laurence Todd, History Abbie Trotter, Drama Hayley Weir, Mathematics and Spanish Melissa Morrison, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Alasdair Scott, Art and Design, French and Geography Darcie Izatt.

S6: Biology Sophie Barron, Drama Ryan Buist, Art and Design Maisie Cotter, Urdu Nabila Khan, Computing Science (Session 14/15) Michael Kleinman, HFT Abbey Lake, Graphic Communication Iain Lind, Philosophy Eilidh McDougall, Geography Gregor Morrison, Philosophy Jodie Robertson, Philosophy Ryan Stainsby, Physical Education Matthew Stevenson, Mathematics Blair Watson, Music Lauren Yorston, English and Modern Studies Zoe Dickson, History, Modern Studies and RMPS Emily Barton, French, German and Spanish Fay McBurney, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics Max Kolle.