Grangemouth pupil kept in class despite breaking his arm

Education chiefs have apologised after a pupil was kept in school – despite breaking his arm during a gym lesson.

Grangemouth mum Kirty McCulloch was horrified when her 11-year-old Ryan came home from Beancross Primary in chronic pain.

He said that he had suffered an accident in the gym, and his arm was hurting badly – so school staff applied a cool pack.

But she says while he didn’t take part in any further gym exercises he wasn’t sent home early, and his injury wasn’t further examined or treated.

“He was in agony,” she said, “and we had to go to A&E – where we found his arm was broken in two places.”

She said an email she sent to the school just before the holidays was answered by a standard acknowledgement, but no immediate action was taken.

“In hospital Ryan was fitted with a full arm cast, and while he’s been doing well it’s obviously taken time for him to get better. I can’t understand why no action was taken at the time - he wasn’t even sent home early - or why it took so 
long for them to take it seriously.

“I wouldn’t normally make a fuss, but this could happen to someone else unless things improve.”

David Mackay, head of education said: “We have contacted the parent and made a full apology.

“In this case the communication fell short of that which we would normally expect in Falkirk Council.”