Falkirk's St Mungo's RC High School junior prize winners 2020/21

Pictured back row: Junior proxime accessits Kimberley Crawford, Jess Mooney and Amy Callaghan. Front row: Junior duxes Molly McGhee, Amy Millar, and Timea Csicsvakova.  Not pictured Megan Donaldson, junior proxime accessit.Pictured back row: Junior proxime accessits Kimberley Crawford, Jess Mooney and Amy Callaghan. Front row: Junior duxes Molly McGhee, Amy Millar, and Timea Csicsvakova.  Not pictured Megan Donaldson, junior proxime accessit.
Pictured back row: Junior proxime accessits Kimberley Crawford, Jess Mooney and Amy Callaghan. Front row: Junior duxes Molly McGhee, Amy Millar, and Timea Csicsvakova. Not pictured Megan Donaldson, junior proxime accessit.
The efforts and achievements of the pupils at St Mungo’s RC High School were recognised in a special prizegiving ceremony at the end of last term.

With parents and carers unable to gather for the annual awards event, the school hosted its event behind closed doors during the school day, recording it for family and friends to view online.

It’s the second year in a row that a virtual prizegiving has had to take place due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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Headteacher Stephen Phee praised pupils for their efforts during the challenging times of the pandemic and congratulated them all for their hard work and dedication.

Guest speaker, virtually, for the event was Jason Leitch, national clinical director for the Scottish Government.

In his address to pupils, Mr Phee said: “Life has been difficult...online learning, not seeing your friends for long periods of time, maybe falling ill and I am in awe in how well you have done this year – you should be really proud of yourself and what you have achieved."

This year’s junior duxes are Timea Csicsvakova, Molly McGhee and Amy Millar, while the junior proxime accessits are Megan Donaldson, Jess Mooney, Amy Callaghan and Kimberley Crawford.


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S1 Successful Learner: Art & Design – Daniel Divers, Lauren Fish, Sophie Hamilton; Design Technology – Eve Donaldson; English – Caden Armstrong, Ewa Sado, Ella-Rose Wakeling; Modern Languages – Harry Miller, Louise Nimmo, Tyler Nolan; Home Economics – Margaret Leishman, Ava McFeat; Mathematics – Eve Donaldson, Lucas Graham; Music – Daniel Divers, Fraser Higgins, Jack Hill; Physical Education – Bobbie Jo Marston, Eilish McFarlane, Harry Miller; Religious Education – Andrew Quinn, Tom Shearer, Charlie Wright; Science – Lexi Brawley, Jagoda Krawiec, Paige Leishman; History – Eva Mannion, Maria Mannion; Modern Studies – Eve Donaldson, Grace MacDonald; Geography – Sienna Brown; ICT – Tanatswa Sherekete, Hali Hunter. S1 CfE Champion: Art & Design – Grace Anderson, Rio Zellman; ICT – Tom Shearer; Design Technology – Patrycja Sciegienna; English – Bobbie Jo Marston, Brady Muir; Modern Languages – Luca Notarangelo, Ella-Rose Wakeling; Home Economics – Ella Hawthorne; Mathematics – Ruaridh Smith; Music – Nicole Feltbower, Tom Shearer; Physical Education – Justine Strain, Vivienne Strain; Religious Education – Aaron Clark, Gerry McGuire; Science – Louise Nimmo, Sophie Reid; History – Ella Hawthorne; Modern Studies – Brady Muir; Geography – Jagoda Krawiec. S1 Lockdown Legend: Lucy Barrett, Nicole Feltbower, Bobbie Jo Marston, Patrycja Sciegienna, Charlie Wright, Daniel Divers, Kaiden McDonald, Brady Muir, Mica Weston.

S2 Successful Learner: Art & Design – Hollie McGuire, Kornelija Pitikonis, Paula Soje; Business Education – Hannah MacSween; Computing Science – Shaun Bell; Design Technology – Andrew Higgins, Harry McLay; English – Ruby Jones, Ava Paterson, Kandice Shutt; French – Cara Edmondson, Caelan Wilson; Home Economics – Beth Rafferty, Aimee Wallace; Mathematics – Hollie McGuire, Paula Soje, Lucy Wilson; Media – Iqra Naweed; Music – Patrick Beer; Physical Education – Kayah Smith, Nikki Martin, Jack Reyolds, Paula Soje; Science – Nathan Scott; Robbie Wallace; History – Jay Lynn, Jack Reynolds; Modern Studies – Maja Kwiatkowska, Lauren McRoberts, Erin Taylor; Geography – Lilli Simpson, Kacper Sobolewski; People in Society – Lewis Smith; Spanish – Brooke McGowan, Nuala O’Donnell, Lilli Simpson. S2 CfE Champion: Art & Design – Jenna Crothers, Maria Rogan; Business Education – Holly O’Connor; Design Technology – Patrick Kavanagh; English – Sarah-Jane Kane, Paula Soje; French – Finn Alexander, Sarah-Jane Kane; Home Economics – Paula Soje; Mathematics – Joseph Deane, Patrick Kavanagh; Media – Chloe Moran; Music – Aisling Stassin, Anika Zub; Physical Education – Luke Culliton, Sarah-Jane Kane; Religious Education – Katie McBurnie, Hollie McGuire, Grace Robertson; Science – Morgan Clark, Timmy Taskin; History – Robbie WAllace; Modern Studies – Joseph Deane, Alix McGee; Geography – Hollie McGuire, Paula Soje; People in Society – Daniella Clark; Spanish – Timmy Taskin. S2 Lockdown Legend – Finn Alexander, Orla Cannon, Morgan Clark, Sarah-Jane Kane, Nikki Martin, Harry Padda, Caelan Wilson, Patrick Beer, Chrislyn Chacko, Erin Fotheringham, Emma MacNicol, Chelsey McCafferty, Ava Reilly, Anika Zub.

S3 Successful Learner: Administration – Matthew Faichney; Art & Design – Amy Hogarth, Katie McElroy, Holly Stanners; Biology – Tjay Ballingall, Ava Judge, Lewis Koncz; Business Education – Jessica Crangle; Chemistry – Courtney Easton, Emily McLellan, Conlan Ullyart; Computing Science – Umar Akbar; Drama – Isla Casci, Caris Flaherty; Engineering Science – Piper Smith; English – Emily Baird, Cerys Farquhar, Harriet Tribble; French – Shanza Ashraf, Caragh Burns, Emily McLellan; Geography – Lauren Burton; Graphic Communication – Suzanne Bell; Health Food Technology – Emily McLellan; History – Emily McLellan; Mathematics – Louisa Kane, Emma Meikle, Julia Trzybinska; Media – Eva Dougall; Modern Studies – Sophie Feltbower, Niamh Harris, Gregor Mitchell; Music – Ava Judge, Carmen Judge, James Shearer, Louisa Murray; People in Society – Keri Anderson, Tjay Ballingall, Alexander McCarthy; Physical Education – Lexi Cattanach, Flynn Hogg; Physics – Jack Moore, Nicole Sawicz, James Shearer; Practical Cookery – Ferne Carter, Jameela Muhammad Perveen; Practical Craft Skills – Hubert Przychodzen; Practical Electronics – Zacc Gandy; Religious Education – Jodie Lawrence, Kyle Lewis, Katie McBurnie; Science – Andrew Haggarty; Spanish – Jasmine Crilley, Lucy Gray, Ruby Valentine. S3 CfE Champion: Administration & IT – Suzanne Bell; Art & Design – Eva Dougall, Julia Trzybinska; Biology – Emily McLellan, Piper Smith; Business Education – Neel Haval; Computing Science – Tjay Ballingall; Chemistry – Flynn Hogg, Jameela Muhammad Perveen; Drama – Eva Dougall, Cerys Farquhar; Engineering Science – Emma Meikle; English – Tom Green; French – Suzanne Bell, Courtney Easton; Geography – Neel Haval; Graphic Communication – Julia Trzybinska; Health Food Technology – Caragh Burns; History – Tom Green, Nicole Sawicz; Maths – Emily McLellan, James Shearer; Media – Mia Dornan; Modern Studies – Jack Grattan; Music – Tom Green, Gregor Mitchell; Music Technology – Simone Kowal; Physical Education – Grace McGinley, Hubert Przychodzen; Physics – Hubert Przychodzen, Aimee Weir; Practical Cake Craft – Lewis Koncz; Practical Cookery – Nicole Sawicz, Ashlin Shibu; Practical Electronics – Jayden Coyle, Jack Moore; Religious Education – Sienna Glackin, Tom Green; Spanish – Hubert Przychodzen, Nicole Sawicz. S3 Lockdown Legend: Shanza Ashraf, Lauren Burton, Lexie Cattanach, Courtney Easton, Chanel Ford, Neel Haval, Carmen Judge, Jack Moore, Nicole Sawicz, Julia Trzybinska, Tjay Ballingall, Fergus Canavan, Evan Clark, Sophie Feltbower, Zacc Gandy, Caoimhe Hegarty, Louisa Kane, Cerys O’Brien, Lauren Taylor, Conlan Ullyart, Suzanne Bell, Ferne Carter, Jessica Crangle, Ciara Flannery, Emily Gregory, Ava Judge, Emily McLellan, Adam O’Connor, Liam Tollins, Millie Wallace.

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