Falkirk High School's senior award winners 2022/23

An awards ceremony to recognise the hard work and dedication of pupils at Falkirk High School took place recently.
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The annual event was an opportunity for the school’s young people to have their achievements celebrated in front of friends, family and teaching staff.

This year’s event, which took place on September 21, once again saw pupils enjoy success in all aspects of school life with the awards covering both their academic and wider achievements.

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Addressing those gathered in the school hall on the night, headteacher Stuart Kelly said it was a celebration of “not just our students’ achievements, but also the embodiment of our school values – ambition, kindness, inclusion and support”.

Falkirk High School's three duxes Tamsin Gold, Millie Law and Samuel Polland.  (pic: submitted)Falkirk High School's three duxes Tamsin Gold, Millie Law and Samuel Polland.  (pic: submitted)
Falkirk High School's three duxes Tamsin Gold, Millie Law and Samuel Polland. (pic: submitted)

He congratulated the pupils, saying: “Your hard work, dedication and determination have brought you to this moment, and we are incredibly proud of your achievements. Whether you’ve excelled academically or through sports, arts, or indeed community service, your accomplishments reflect your commitment to being the very best that you can be and striving for excellence.”

He thanked staff for their “exceptional contribution” in supporting pupils as well as parents and carers, adding: “Positive parental support can make a significant contribution to the outcomes of our pupils.”

The headteacher also praised the pupil and staff led green initiatives which have earned the school the Eco Green Flag Award and the One Carbon World Award. Falkirk High, in collaboration with Braes High, is one of only two schools in Scotland to receive the One Carbon World Award. In the last year the school has also received its Silver Rights Respecting School Award.

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Mr Kelly’s message for those gathered for the prizegiving was about what it means to be a champion, and it might not be what you think.

He said: “To be a champion it is not just about raw talent, behind every champion there is an ambition that drives them to be successful. An attitude that says ‘set ambitious goals and pursue them relentlessly’.

“In your pursuit of your goals, remember that the journey or experience can be just as important as the destination. It’s about the friendships you build, the challenges you overcome, and the lessons you learn along the way. It’s about the kindness you show to others, the support you receive or give, and the inclusivity you foster with those you come into contact with.”

This year the school presented the George C McKenzie Memorial Prize for Dux of Falkirk High to three pupils – Tamsin Gold, Millie Law and Samuel Polland. Lochlan Black, Robyn Dewar Young and Edwin Walker were the school’s Proxime Accessits.


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Level 5 Awards: Administration & IT – Stella Gillespie; Applications of Mathematics – Logan Aitken & Lewis Hayward; Art & Design – Sarah Millar; Business Management – Zac Sim; Computing Science – Josh Wannan; Drama – Emily Smith; Engineering Science – Fergus Hendry; Practical Cake Craft – Niamh Shearer; Practical Cookery – Aimee-Louise Swanston; Practical Woodwork – Gregor Graham; Religious, Philosophical Studies – Kate Darroch; Graphic Communication – Aedan Shearer; Mr William Elder & Mrs Elder Prize for Excellence in Physical Education – Aedan Shearer; Mathematics – Joint Lois Cant; History – Lois Cant; The Wm Miller Memorial Prize for Chemistry – Lois Cant; Biology – Susie Hoggan; Modern Studies – Susie Hoggan; Music – Susie Hoggan; Physics – Susie Hoggan; English – Alice Haughton; French – Alice Haughton; Geography – Alice Haughton; Spanish – Alice Haughton; Mathematics – Joint Alice Haughton. Level 6 Awards: Art and Design – Katherine Davidson; Business Management – Jessica Bell; J M Haig Prize for Chemistry – Edwin Walker; Drama – Tabitha Kesson; Engineering Science – Zoe Cherrie; English – Hollie Howland; French – Kathryn Rous; Mr William Elder & Mrs Elder Prize for Excellence in Physical Education – Gayle Ferguson; Music – Abbie Ewing; Modern Studies – Emma Wilson; Psychology – George Henderson; Religious, Philosophical Studies – Millie Black; Spanish – Tamsin Gold; Photography – Maia Allison; Accounting – Muhammad Hayat; Administration & IT – Muhammad Hayat; Syngenta Prize for Biology – Samuel Polland; Elma Steel Prize for History – Samuel Polland; Syngenta Prize for Geography – Millie Law; Graphic Communication – Millie Law; J Martin Miller Prize for Mathematics – Millie Law; Physics – Millie Law. Level 7 Awards: Art & Design – Maia Allison; Biology – Adam Black; English – Emily Reid; Geography – Lila Young; Modern Studies – Jack Mathieson; Professional Refereeing – Jay Russell; Spanish – Erin Marshall; Music – Erin Marshall; Calor Gas Prize for Chemistry – Zoe Campbell; Dr W Riggs Prize for Mathematics – Zoe Campbell. FACULTY RECOGNITION AWARDS. Creative & Aesthetic: S4 – Cody Allan, Alexander Bell, Poppy Black, Iona-Mae Cummings, Kate Darroch, Susie Hoggan, Sarah Millar, Aedan Shearer, Sarah Spence, Zoe Wallace; S5/6 – Lochlan Black, Cameron Dick, Charlie Glen, Tabitha Kesson, Haleema Khan, Jessica Mackie, Erin Marshall, Euan Raynal, Katy Russell, Emma Wilson. Health: S4 – Adam Brickell, David Craig, Morgan Dobbie, Emma Dougall, Daniel Gray, Jasmina Kaziukeviciute, Alannah Mitchell, Alistair Mitchell, Cleo Pryce, Jayden Whalen; S5/6 – David Arthur, Bailey Black, Rowan Brockie, Scott Cowie, George Henderson, Alex Low, Devon Neary, Jay Russell, Jack Shand, Charlie Sutherland. Languages: S4 – Kate Darroch, Emma Dougall, Tadas Jonuskis, Dylan Low, Owen McCaffer, Lucy McKay, Niamh Reid, Emma Rosie, Jayden Whalen; S5/6 – Louisianna Armstrong, Robbie Hamilton, Chloe Hargreaves, Hollie Howland, Finlay Morrison, Samuel Polland, Katie Thomson, Edwin Walker. Mathematics & Computing: S4 – Lois Cant, Aaron Clelland, Adam Hunter, Harry Lyon, Olivia MacDonald, Emma Rosie, Aedan Shearer, Dylan Scott, Zac Sim, Ewan Wallace; S5/6 – Zoe Cherrie, Lauren Gammie, Millie Law, Olivia McHolm, Devon Neary, Rebecca Robertson, Katie Thomson, Daniel Velykyy, Lucy Waddell, Cameron Watson. Sciences: S4 – Archie Ballingall, Lawson Bissett, Gavin Black, Kieren Brown, Alice Haughton, Tadas Jonuskis, Dylan Low, Rudy Pearson, Zac Sim, Josh Wannan; S5/6 – Lochlan Black, Zoe Cherrie, Gemma Dick, Hollie Howland, Evan Lowe, Olivia McHolm, Finlay Morrison, Dorcas Olubolade, Kate Sinclair, Daniel Velykyy. Social Subjects: S4 – Cody Allan, Lawson Bissett, Lois Cant, Emma Dougall, Loki Gibb, Ava Gow, Maja Kwiatkowska,Olivia MacDonald, Emma Rosie, Zac Sim; S5/6 – Hannah Allison, Brooke Angus, Jessica Bell, Gemma Dick, Tamsin Gold, Hollie Howland, Arisha Ilias, Diana Kaliukeviciute, Rebecca Robertson, Edwin Walker. Technologies: S4 – Archie Ballingall, Gavin Black, David Craig, Tadas Jonuskis, Maja Kwiatkowska, Thomas Lapsley, Maya Rankine, Dylan Scott, Sarah Spence, Ewan Wallace; S5/6 – Lucy Clyne, Bailey Cooper, Jake Henderson, Charlize Johnstone, Olivia McHolm, Euan Raynal, Noah Reid, Jay Russell, Mark Shade, Bryonie Thomson. 100% Attendance: Harris Cant, Lois Cant, Daniel Gray, Rhys Paterson, Daniel Velykyy, Charlie Walinck, Lois Cant. WIDER ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS. British Sign Language Awards – Level 1: David Craig, Morgan Dobbie, Gemma Donachie, Hayley Williamson; Charity Ambassadors – Lucy Waddell; Digital Leaders – Josh Wannan; Leadership Academy – Zoe Campbell, Harris Cant, Lewis Hall, Thea Lleshi, Jodi McNie; Rights Ambassadors – Jessica Bell, Katherine Davidson, Gemma Dick, Sophie Duncan, Kate Sinclair, Briony Tolmie; Sustainability Ambassadors, S4 – Alice Haughton, Susie Hoggan, Sarah Millar, Emma Rosie, Josh Wannan; S5 – Rachel Cunningham, Gemma Dick, Tamsin Gold, Diana Kaliukeviciute, Rebecca Robertson. SPECIAL AWARDS: The Hopper Award for Excellence in Computer Science – Lucy Waddell; The Alan Turing Award for Computing Science – Rhys Paterson; The Lynn Black Cup for Excellence on Two Instruments – Erin Marshall; The MacQuarrie Roberts Prize for Music – Emma Wilson; Tom Hunter Memorial Prize for Photography – Maia Allison; The Stuart McDonald Trophy for Endeavour in Technical Subjects – Alexander Gray; The Miss Hunter Prize for Determination & Effort – Daniel Velykyy; The Mr Miller Prize for Industry & Perseverance – Senior Award – Bohden Richardson; Duncan McClements Memorial Trophy for Service – Diana Kaliukeviciute; The Invicem Servite Trophy for Service – Gemma Dick & Sophie Duncan; The Head Teacher’s Prize for Service – Erin Marshall & Harris Cant. The Walter Niven Memorial Prize, Falkirk High School Vice Captains 2023/24 – Jessica Bell, Scott Cowie, Cameron Dick, Gemma Dick, Tabitha Kesson, Olivia McHolm, Kate Sinclair, Edwin Walker. The School Captains’ Prize 2022/23 – Harris Cant, Erin Marshall. The Centenary Trophy, Falkirk High School Captains 2023/24 – Tamsin Gold, Hollie Howland. The Joint Prize of Proxime Accessit – Lochlan Black, Robyn Dewar Young, Edwin Walker. The Joint Winners of the George C McKenzie Memorial Prize, Dux of Falkirk High School – Tamsin Gold, Millie Law, Samuel Polland