Falkirk High School's senior award winners 2020/21

The achievements of pupils at Falkirk High were celebrated this week as the school held its annual prizegiving.

By Fiona Dobie
Friday, 8th October 2021, 12:30 pm
Updated Friday, 8th October 2021, 1:59 pm

The pandemic meant a virtual event took place again this year, but that didn’t detract from the tremendous efforts and successes of the school’s senior pupils.

Addressing his online audience, head teacher Stuart Kelly said that although many faced “significant challenges” during the year, the school has continued to develop as a community through support that’s been available both from staff and peers.

He said: “These views have confirmed my belief, that as a community, we have risen to the many challenges we have faced and come through stronger.

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Falkirk High School rector Stuart Kelly with joint Dux prize winners Logan Sibbald and Sarah Coffey. Picture: Scott Louden

“It is important that we ‘do not let our past experiences dictate who you are but let them be a lesson that strengthens who you will become’.

“It is critical then, that we recognise and capture our learning, successes and achievements over this past year.”

He said pupils had performed “exceptionally well” regardless of the challenges as shown by the SQA results.

He told the students: “Those results never came by chance, last session you rose to the challenge and worked extremely hard, under very difficult circumstances, as did your teachers, to make sure that you achieved what you deserved...and you did very well indeed.”

He added: “I would like to give recognition to all senior pupils for your collective efforts in doing everything you could to help us through the session.

"Every pupil in the school has contributed and I would like to both congratulate and thank you all.

“To all our prize winners I would like to say congratulations and well done! You should be proud of yourselves and no doubt you have made your families and your teachers extremely proud.”

Guest speakers for the evening were Leigh Watson, education service manager with Falkirk Council and Andy Scott, world renowned sculptor of The Kelpies.

This year Falkirk High School has two duxes – Sarah Coffey and Logan Sibbald.

Logan, 17, achieved five Highers at A grade this year and is now working towards three Advanced Highers in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

When he leaves school he hopes to go to university to study biochemistry.

He said: “I’m really happy and proud of myself.

"I think I put a lot of hard work and effort in to my studying so I’m really pleased to get this award.”

Logan, who lives in Falkirk, added that his parents, Julie and Robin, are “really proud” of him and “really happy too”.

Fellow dux Sarah also achieved five Highers at A grade this year.

The 16-year-old said: “I’m over the moon. It was a bit of a surprise, Logan for me was a bit of a shoe-in for it, but when I found out I’d got it too I was delighted.

"I might have cried a little bit I was so excited and surprised.

“I got straight As in my Highers, which was a lot of hard work but I managed to do it and it’s been worth it.”

Sarah, who lives in New Carron, said her mum Elaine and dad Grant, were very happy with her achievements.

She added: “My family were surprised as well but they are very proud of me.

"My extended family are very excited as well as I don't think many in our family have achieved something like this.”

The S6 pupil is studying both Spanish and French at Advanced Higher this year, along with Higher Psychology and a course through the Open University called Law Making in Scotland.

She hopes to study law with a language at university when she leaves Falkirk High.

The school’s proxime accessits this year are Kieren Doyle and Erin Gray.


S4 subject awards: Administration & IT – Leia Gallacher; Mr & Mrs Elder Prize for Excellence in Physical Education – Leia Gallacher; Art & Design – Maddy Smart; English – Maddy Smart; French – Maddy Smart; Biology – Surabhi Yadav; Business Management – Muhammad Hayat; Computing – Aiden Struthers; Drama – Aiden Struthers; Dance – Jessica Mackie; Design & Manufacture – Callum Bell; Geography – Zoe Campbell; Graphic Communication – Adam Black; The Wm Miller Memorial Prize for Chemistry – Adam Black; Health & Food Technology – Charlie Walinck; RMPS – Charlie Walinck; History – Harris Cant; Physics – Harris Cant; Mathematics – Rowan Brockie; Modern Studies – Daniel Waddell; Music – Erin Marshall; Spanish – Erin Marshall; Practical Cookery – Niamh Shearer. S4 faculty recognition awards: Creative & Aesthetic – Brooke Avinou, Abbie Ewing, Kai Flynn, Carys McGarva, Jessica Mackie, Kiara Reid, Alessandro Sportelli, Duncan Wallace, Emma Wilson, Surabhi Yadav; Health – Jorja Anderson, John Docherty, Kirsty Emslie, Abbie Ewing, George Henderson, Charlize Johnstone, Jessica Mackie, Liam Muirhead, Charlie Walinck, Skye Wood; Languages – Hannah Clafferty, Lewis Hall, Eisra Kilbauskaite, Carys McGarva, Chloe Montgomery, Abbey Morris, Matthew Peden, Charlie Sutherland; Mathematics & Computing – Millie Black, Abbie Ewing, Leia Gallacher, George Henderson, Erin Marshall, Chloe Montgomery, Rhys Paterson, Emily Reid, Kathryn Rous, Niamh Shearer, Aiden Struthers, Lucy Waddell, Cameron Watson, Surabhi Yadav; Pupil Support – Brooke Avinou, Abbey Morris; Sciences – Rowan Brockie, Zoe Campbell, Zara Dawson, Jay Johnstone, Jodi McNie, Maddy Smart, Charlie Sutherland, Daniel Waddell, Carrick Westall, Lila Young; Social Subjects – Adam Black, Vaila Cameron, Karis Finnigan, Ashton Ford, Lewis Hall, Bryony Letham, Olivia Sharp, Anna Steel, Cameron Watson, Carrick Westall; Technologies – Rowan Brockie, Ryan Burns, Zoe Campbell, Callum Carr, Muhammad Hayat, Chloe Montgomery, Abby Reid, Cameron Thomson, Lucy Waddell, Surabhi Yadav. S5 subject awards: Administration & IT – Sophie Arthur; Application of Mathematics – David Black; Drama – Erin Gray; Biology – Logan Sibbald; JM Haig Prize for Chemistry – Logan Sibbald; English – Logan Sibbald; J Martin Miller Prize for Mathematics – Logan Sibbald; Physics – Logan Sibbald; Computing – Samantha Ferguson; Engineering Science – Danny Low; French – Sarah Coffey; Spanish – Sarah Coffey; Syngenta Prize for Geography – Kelsey Welsh; Modern Studies, Joint – Kelsey Welsh; Graphic Communication – Lily Kromer; Elma Steel Prize for History – Eilidh MacMillan; Music – Eilidh MacMillan; Hospitality, Events Management – Jessica Carvatchi; Practical Woodwork – Charlie Aitchison. S6 subject awards: Administration & IT – Jenna Donald; Accounting – Abby Rutter; Art & Design – Kirsty Carson; Business Management – Emma Miller; Calor Gas Prize for Chemistry – Emma Purves; Computing Science – Callum Wright; Dance – Sofia Cattanach; Drama – Jack Meaney; Engineering Science (Advanced Higher) – Euan Arthur; Professional Refereeing – Euan Arthur; English (Advanced Higher) – Jodie Campbell; Modern Studies (Advanced Higher) – Jodie Campbell; Psychology – Jodie Campbell; RMPS (Advanced Higher) – Jodie Campbell; French (Advanced Higher) – Rebecca Cunningham; Spanish, Joint (Advanced Higher) – Rebecca Cunningham; Geography (Advanced Higher) – Lisa Watt; Modern Studies, Joint – Lisa Watt; Graphic Communication (Advanced Higher) – Joshua Blyth; Health & Food Technology – Kennedy Brown; History (Advanced Higher) – Christopher Boyne; Dr W Riggs Prize for Advanced Higher Mathematics – Sam Muir; Dr W Riggs Prize for Physics – Sam Muir; The MacQuarrie Roberts Prize for Music – Chloe Brown; Music Technology – Calum Davidson; Tom Hunter Memorial Prize for Photography – Anna Wood; Physical Education – Blair Jones & Kieran Stewart; Practical Cake Craft – Sophie Murray; Practical Woodwork – Bryce Bissett; Spanish, joint (Advanced Higher) – Lucy Dick; Sports Leader, Level 6 – Kai Reed. S5/6 faculty recognition awards: Creative & Aesthetic – Holly Agnew, Cameron Broadley, Kieren Doyle, Layla Karic, Angus McLaren, Orla Park, Kara Russell, Jemma Skelding, Rebecca Wilson; Health – Kaitlyn Brown, Louise Bryant, Daniel Graham, Layla Karic, Matthew Larkin, Alex Leiper, Charlie McKay, Eve Pearson, Jemma Skelding, Megan Thomson; Languages – Eilidh Black, Jessica Carvatchi, Snovuyo Jabanga, Layla Karic, Lily Kromer, Jack Malcolm, Orla Park, Jan Thomson, Lucy Whyte, Owen Wright; Mathematics & Computing – Sophie Arthur, Cameron Broadley, Sophia Cattanach, Ciaran Colombo, Emma Crozier, Kieren Doyle, Briony Duff, Sean Graham, Lily Kromer, Jamie McClung, Jack Malcolm, Eve Pearson, Jenni Rothnie, Jan Thomson, Jasmine Work; Sciences – Emma Crozier, Emma Dodd, Briony Duff, Daniel Graham, Sean Graham, Calum Hamilton, Danny Low, Kyle Lyon, Charlie McKay, Nicole Montgomery; Social Subjects – Millie Dick, Kieren Doyle, Erin Gray, Alex Leiper, Leah McGuire, Kerra Railey, Abbie Simpson, Giorgio Talaba, Bayley Welsh, Lucy Whyte; Technologies – Charlie Aitchison, Erin Boyle, Kieran Donnelly, Reegan Fargie, Layla Karic, Lily Kromer, Sam Leonard, Jack Malcolm, Zoe Urbanowicz, Kade Wright. Five or more qualifications at Level 6, S5: Lukas Ait Tahar, Sophie Arthur, Jenna Brannan, Ben Brown, Sofia Cattanach, Aidan Chatburn, Sarah Coffey, Catherine Coleman, Ciaran Colombo, Amber Cook, Kieran Cook, Emma Crozier, Millie Dick, Emma Dodd, Kieran Donnelly, Kieren Doyle, Briony Duff, Erin Gray, Calum Hamilton, Ella Hayward, Fraser Henderson, Karis Hughes, Callum King, Megan Lipsett, Danny Low, Eilidh MacMillan, Emma Main, Leah McFarlane, Maisie McMillan, Carla Mitchell, Charys Penn, Ben Pollock, Adam Reid, Sophie Reid, Logan Sibbald, Kelsey Welsh, Rebecca Wilson, Lia Winchcole, Gregor Young; Five or more qualifications at Level 6, S6: Darcey Adam, Holly Agnew, Euan Arthur, Jessica Bailey, Bryce Bissett, Eilidh Black, Joshua Blyth, Christopher Boyne, Megan Broadley, Cara Brodie, Kennedy Brown, Jodie Campbell, Kirsty Carson, Anna Colston, Rebecca Cunningham, Calum Davidson, Freya Deal, Lucy Dick, Jenna Donald, Ian Douglas, Heather Emslie, Mitchell Faulds, Calum Ferguson, Rachel Ferguson, Nicola Gilmour, Sean Graham, Jennifer Hall, Andrew Hannon, Molly Henderson, Snovuyo Jabanga, Chloe Johnston, Louise Johnston, Blair Jones, Grace Kallaras, Matthew Larkin, Zsanett Lipcsey, Ellie Lumsden, Inez MacIntosh, Charlie McKay, Ben McKean, Keiran McLeish, Emma Miller, Sarah Murdoch Burt, Sophie Murray, Orla Park, Eve Pearson, Emma Purves, Jenni Rothnie, Abby Rutter, Natasha Scobbie, Kieran Stewart, Amber Tetsill, Connor Thomson, Charlotte Watt, Lisa Watt, Jenna Weir, Abby White, Chloe Wyllie. Five As at Level 6 in S5: Sophie Arthur, Sofia Cattanach, Sarah Coffey, Catherine Coleman, Emma Crozier, Millie Dick, Kieren Doyle, Erin Gray, Danny Low, Eilidh MacMillan, Maisie McMillan, Logan Sibbald, Kelsey Welsh, Lia Winchcole. One or more qualifications at Level 7 across S6: Holly Agnew, Euan Arthur, Jessica Bailey, Eilidh Black, Jack Blackadder, Douglas Blaikie, Joshua Blyth, Christopher Boyne, Megan Broadley, Cara Brodie, Chloe Brown, Rhys Campbell, Jodie Campbell, Kirsty Carson, Connor Chalmers, Lewis Collard, Rebecca Cunningham, Calum Davidson, Freya Deal, Lucy Dick, Jenna Donald, Ian Douglas, Mitchell Faulds, Calum Ferguson, Rachel Ferguson, Lewis Gilvear, Sean Graham, Jennifer Hall, Andrew Hannon, Molly Henderson, Megan Hunter, Ermir Ismaili, Blair Jones, Matthew Larkin, Ellie Lumsden, Adam MacDonald, Amy MacKinnon, Zara Mason, Jamie McClung, Ben McKean, Keiran McLeish, Samuel Muir, Sarah Murdoch Burt, Sophie Murray, Orla Park, Eve Pearson, Emma Purves, Kai Reed, Emily Robertson, Jenni Rothnie, Abbie Simpson, Liam Spark, Kieran Stewart, Connor Thomson, Charlotte Watt, Lisa Watt, Jenna Weir, Abby White. Wider achievement awards: Digital Leaders – Emily Robertson; British Sign Language Awards, Level 2 – Jemma Skelding, Aimee Work, Jasmine Work; Young Applicants in School Scheme – Darcey Adam, Ian Douglas, Ellie Lumsden, Inez MacIntosh, Emma Purves, Emily Robertson; Sports Leaders, Level 6 – Rhys Campbell, Anna Colston, Michael Hallett, Luke Jackson, Rhyad Jelly, Matthew Larkin, Alex Leiper, Adam MacDonald, Callum Paterson, Luke Patrick, Kai Reed, Michael Rice, Logan Scott, Liam Spark, Kasey Turnbull, Callum Wilson. Special awards: The Lynn Black Cup for Excellence on Two Instruments – Eilidh Black and Andrew Hannon; The Mr Miller Prize for Industry & Perseverance, Senior Award – David Black; The Stuart McDonald Trophy for Endeavour in Technical Subjects – Rhys Paterson; The Miss Hunter Prize for Determination & Effort – Charlie Sutherland; The Moira Dunn Trophy for Resilience – Charlie McKay; Duncan McClements Memorial Trophy for Service – Euan Arthur; The Invicem Servite Trophy for Service – Orla Park; The Head Teacher’s Prize for Service – Anna Colston and Calum Ferguson; The Walter Niven Memorial Prize, Falkirk High School Vice Captains 2021/22 – Sarah Coffey, Kieren Doyle, Ella Hayward, Alex Leiper, Angus McLaren, Sophie Reid, Kelsey Welsh, Gregor Young; The School Captains’ Prize 2020/21 – Anna Colston, Calum Ferguson; The Centenary Trophy, Falkirk High School Captains 2021/22 – Erin Gray, Logan Sibbald; The Joint Prize of Proxime Accessit – Kieren Doyle, Erin Gray; Joint Winners of the George C McKenzie Memorial Prize, joint dux of Falkirk High School – Sarah Coffey, Logan Sibbald.