Falkirk Council recruits extra early years staff

To cope with the increase in early learning hours, a total of 157 staff had been recruited by Falkirk Council to permanent posts including ELC assistants and newly qualified modern apprentices.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 5:44 pm

Members of the Education, Children and Young People’s executive were also assured that more childminders would be brought into the mix, to ensure parents would have flexibility when arranging childcare.

They gave the go-ahead to two new temporary positions to be recruited for the year ahead to help the team delivering the project.

Councillor David Alexander said: “The work that has been undertaken is tremendous and both in terms of volume and quality it has been unbelievable.

“The big question we had initially was over our ability to deliver this. This shows when national government and local authorities work together we can produce results that show the professionalism of local government staff.”