Falkirk Council could be making this big change to school holidays

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Falkirk schools could be swapping a week of their summer holidays for a two-week break in October.

Councillors are being asked to agree to begin a consultation on changing the area’s holiday dates.

Director of children’s services, Robert Naylor, wants to begin the consultation by the end of November – so he will ask Falkirk Council’s education, young person and children’s committee for the go-ahead when it meets next Tuesday.

A report that will be presented to the committee says: “Over the years there have been regular suggestions by a significant number of parents, both locally and wider, that the current summer holiday break (traditionally seven weeks), is too long.

“There is also additional support for this from those parties who view it as also helping to address food poverty related matters arising from children not benefiting from free school meals for the long summer holiday period.”

In making the change, Falkirk Council would not be unique as several other councils already have a shorter summer break and two weeks in October.

It is proposed that all schools in neighbouring Stirling and Clackmannanshrie will undertake the consultation at the same time and all of the results will be presented to the respective council committees in the New Year.

If it gets the go-ahead the consultation will be open to all pupils, parents, parent councils and school-based staff to participate in.