Don’t miss today’s Falkirk essential workers’ childcare deadline

Falkirk Council area has temporary learning and childcare arrangements for essential workers who have exhausted all other childcare options, amid the current crisis .

By Roy Beers
Saturday, 21st March 2020, 10:36 am

But the deadline is midnight tonight, so if you need to apply you should do so immediately.

“Essential workers” are in three categories:

Category 1

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Health and care workers directly supporting COVID response and associated staff

Life threatening emergency services work

Critical primary/community care provision

Energy suppliers

Childcare/learning for Category 1 staff (Teacher, ELC Staff, SfLAs/ELC Assistants)

Category 2

All other critical health and care workers/Public Sector workers – emergency in critical services (e.g. Fire, Police, Prison, Residential Care, Housing)

Social Workers/Homecare service

3rd sector Children’s Services/Partners of Falkirk Council

Falkirk Council Family Support

Category 3

Other essential services, people who keep the country running

Falkirk Council Catering, Cleaning and Janitorial Support

Some schools and nurseries across Falkirk have been identified as initial centres for learning and childcare provision.

Centres will operate in the locations:

Bo’ness Cluster

Braes Cluster

Denny Cluster

Falkirk Cluster

Graeme Cluster

Grangemouth Cluster

Larbert Cluster

Carrongrange High School (for Carrongrange, Thistle, Timezone pupils only)

Provision will operate between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday, and will be available from birth to 18 years.

To apply, visit and press the apply button at the foot of the page.