Council close primary school in Bonnybridge after rats spotted

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A primary school was forced to close when sightings of rats nearby forced an “urgent inspection” of the premises.

Parents were called at 1.30pm on Friday and asked to collect their children from Antonine Primary in Bonnybridge, although Falkirk Council has insisted this was a “precautionary measure”.

Parents were told that the inspection would be carried out over the weekend to tackle the problem.

However, one furious parent was unimpressed with the action taken.

She said: “This either means the school has a problem with cleanliness or repairs are not being done and rats are managing to get in through holes in the building.

“To have to shut the whole school is absolutely horrific and it tells me that somebody isn’t doing their job properly!

“The council is in charge and it is shocking they have let it get into this state – I think the council should be held accountable.”

She added that while her children have never seen rats inside the school, they have seen them in the playground and the neighbouring burn.

The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, also claimed that the school”s kitchen was closed on Thursday and children had been told to bring a packed lunch.

However, this was not confirmed by Falkirk Council.

A Falkirk Council spokesperson said: “Parents were advised of recent rodent activity in the area surrounding the school.

“A pest control contractor has been appointed and as a precautionary measure pupils were sent home early on Friday afternoon to accommodate a full pest control survey to be undertaken.

“The school re-opened on Monday as normal.”