VIDEO: Alcohol-flavoured ice cream that has the world licking its lips

People from countries across the globe have been going crazy for a Falkirk ice cream maker's range that features Strongbow cider, Blue WKD and energy drink Monster flavours.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 22nd August 2017, 2:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:13 pm
Kyle Gentleman with his ice cool creations. Picture: Michael Gillen
Kyle Gentleman with his ice cool creations. Picture: Michael Gillen

Ice in Redding has become the centre of the ice cream world after news of the flavours went viral on social media, prompting calls and inquiries from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and even the home of gelato, Italy, where owner Kyle Gentleman imports his secret ingredient from.

Because the ice cream contains alcohol from the Strongbow Dark Fruits and Blue WKD, Kyle (26) has to ship in a special product that keeps his homemade product freezing and to the perfect consistency.

There are eight cans of Summer Fruits and 12 bottles of Blue WKd in each batch of the large Napoli tubs of ice cream and Scots are also scrambling to get a taste of the unique flavours with car loads of people driving up from the likes of Largs and from Edinburgh, Clydebank and Dunfermline to buy Kyle’s tasty treats.

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Kyle Gentleman with his ice cool creations. Picture: Michael Gillen

Sales have rocketed so much that the Wholequarter Avenue shop sold out of every single flavour on Sunday leaving the shop completely dry.

Kyle said: “At Ice Falkirk we make all out own flavours from scratch, we pasteurise the milk, all sourced locally, and we do all the usual flavours, tablet, mint choc chip, strawberry, vanilla, we do all that range, but then we came up woith a new idea a couple of weeks ago for the Monster energy drink flavour and that really kicked things off.

“It got a lot of attention, got shared on pages all over Facebook and it hit on thousands and thousands of shares.

“We decided to take advantage of that and got a new product in that is alcohol-based, which comes over from Italy and that allows us to make any alcoholic drink into an ice cream.

The shop in Wholequarter Avenue, Redding

“So, my favourite is Strongbow Dark Fruits and it just went crazy. We done that on Thursday and sold out that day and on Friday and had to go to Glasgow and get extra ingredients and sold out again.

“Going on from that we did the Blue WKD and that hit a different kind of market and we were bombarded. Someone from Largs drove all the way up for some.”

Kyle worked on ice cream vans since he was a boy of 14 but decided it was time to use his experience in the industry to open a shop and make his own artisan products in May last year, selling up to 150 litres per week.

The father-of-two has also whetted appetites by promising new alcohol-based flavours he hopes will tickle the taste buds of even more customers.

Kyle Gentleman with his ice cool creations. Picture: Michael Gillen

Kyle added: “We’ve got new plans now. Now we’ve done the alcohol flavours we’re going to keep it here because people have been coming from far and wide, we’ve been inundated with requests for the likes of Mad Dog, Prosecco, even beers like Corona, maybe a sorbet for example.

“That’s our plans, to keep doing new ones and do cocktails and stuff like that so the scope is wide, but we need to remember our other customers who want regular flavours like Mrs Tilly’s tablet, vanilla, cookie dough, Kinder for the kids.

“Plans for the future would be to develop new flavours, acolohol flavours, new special ones and hopefully we can take the idea further.

“We already supply the Beancross restaurant in Falkirk so we’d like to get the name out there a bit more and supply other restaurants here and outwith Falkirk with our name.”

The shop in Wholequarter Avenue, Redding

To purchase any of Ice’s alcohol-flavoured ice cream you must be 18 or over and must provide ID if asked.