Popular Falkirk cycle shop to close after more than 70 years

One of Falkirk's longest established family firms will disappear from the town centre this year.

After over 70 years, GW Smith Cycles is closing and a retirement sale is underway.

Owner Linton Smith (66) had hoped to find a buyer for the business but after almost two years on the market has decided to finally pull down the shutters.

He is the son of George William Smith who opened the cycle shop in 1947, having bought the George Murdoch electrical premises in East Bridge Street which had been established in 1897.

Mr Smith senior continued to work in the shop into his 90s but Linton said he has no intentions of going down that route.

He said: “I had hoped we would find a buyer but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case so we will be closing down, probably around March.

“I’ve had very loyal customers and staff – shop manager Gordon Ferguson has been with me for 26 years and workshop manager Scott Gilbert for ten years.

“I’ve loved every minute of it, especially seeing all the new ranges and products that have been developed over the years.”

Linton added that he is disappointed that Falkirk will no longer have an independent, specialist bike shop. Town centres are having a hard time but in Falkirk the BID is doing great work and helps the town punch above its weight.

He said: “I still own property in the town and I’m still going to be involved in that. It’s definitely not a case of me disappearing from Falkirk.”