New group to tackle austerity in Falkirk

A new group with a mission to tackle austerity and give a voice to its victims will soon be operating in Falkirk.

A public meeting held last Thursday and organised by Falkirk Trades Union Council ended in calls to set up a Falkirk People’s Assembly, linked to the national campaign which wants an end to the economic strategies which are destroying public services and forcing through benefit changes which bring misery to huge swathes of the country.

Trades union council 
officials plan further meetings in the near future to make the ambitions of those at last week’s meeting a 

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FTUC secretary Duncan McCallum said: “Although the trades union council is working to set up a People’s Assembly, shares its aims and ambitions and will undoubtedly work with it in the 
future, this will be a completely separate organisation.

“The trades union council is a forum for delegates from local branches of unions affiliated to the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

“The People’s Assembly will be open to everyone, young or old, of any political persuasion, who wants an end to the austerity which is causing so much damage to our communities.

“You only need to look at Falkirk town centre to see the spiral of decay that austerity brings. Unless we get rid of these policies, things will only get worse.”

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Last week’s meeting heard from Tam Kirby, secretary of Fife People’s Assembly, about the work they have done helping people hit by the move to Universal Credit and challenging its local council on proposed cuts to budgets.

He said: “The saddest thing is when you hear people saying there’s no point fighting the system, but we’ve shown that’s not the case. It’s important people come together to press for the type of society that they want to live in. We’ve got to make our voices heard.”

Anyone wanting to learn about future meetings can follow Falkirk Trade 
Union Council’s Facebook page or email contact details to [email protected]

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