New Green Lady eco-shop opens in Falkirk

A new shop has opened in Falkirk selling environmentally-friendly, zero-waste products.

By Charlene Wilson
Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 3:58 pm

The Green Lady is run by Laura Mallis from Whitecross, who is passionate about showing others how small changes they make can go a long way towards helping protect the planet.

Items currently available at Laura’s plastic free shop are shampoo bars, shaving bars, deodorant, toothpaste and mouthwash.

She said: “Everything is vegan and made in the UK and can either be recycled, re-used or composted.

“For example, we sell Georganics toothpaste which comes in a glass container with a bamboo spatula which can be composted after use. Our shop doesn’t even have a bin!

“People will probably compare us to Lush but we hope to expand our stock range to include cleaning products, kitchenware, sanitary products and toilet roll.”

Laura, who is originally from Grangemouth, studied Criminology and Law at university and then did a Masters in research with Criminology, so opening The Green Lady is an entirely new challenge for her.

She said: “This is very different from anything I have done before!

“I decided to open the shop after I started my plastic free journey – and it is a journey, its not something you can achieve overnight – and had to order shampoo bars and things like that online.

“I thought to myself, I wish there was a local shop I could buy these products in, so that I can see and smell them and also not cause pollution from deliveries.”

Laura is keen to educate others about recycling and the benefits of going plastic-free.

She said: “I’m really passionate about recycling and wildlife, as not only is plastic and waste bad for the environment in terms of pollution but littering can also harm wildlife if they get trapped in it.”

Laura hopes to eventually expand her range of stock to eventually include a refill service for foods such as cereals, pasta and rice.

She said: “Going plastic-free might seem overwhelming at first but if you make small changes such as switching to a shampoo bar, you really can make a huge difference to the environment.”

The Green Lady can be found within the Sewing Studio in Callendar Square. For more information visit The Green Lady’s Facebook page.