Lidl expansion plans for Falkirk car park

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Lidl has made Falkirk Council an offer it hopes it can’t refuse – having bid £400,000 for the council’s Kemper Avenue car park site.

Falkirk Council executive will be asked to approve the sale of the land to the budget supermarket chain, so it can build a bigger shop on the combined land and then demolish the existing building.

Most of Kemper Avenue car park is up for sale

Most of Kemper Avenue car park is up for sale

The new shop would secure 12-15 existing jobs and create up to 15 new jobs, councillors will be told at next Tuesday’s executive meeting.

Most of the Kemper Avenue car park was put up for sale in April after surveys showed it was underused, although the council pledged to keep 36 parking spaces, including some for local residents who have purchased permits.

Councillors agreed that selling the land would not only bring in cash, it would also save money currently spent on looking after the car park – in 2018/19 the council spent £10,000 on it.

By the closing date on July 5, the site had attracted five offers, ranging from £125,000 to Lidl Great Britain Limited’s bid of £400,000.

However, councillors will be warned that the actual amount the council receives may be much less if there are “abnormal ground conditions” that would affect the cost of the development.

Site investigations will be carried out by the retail company at its expense and any costs that impact on the value will be verified by council officers.

The offer also depends on planning permission and roads construction consent being granted – and on Lidl being granted a licence to sell alcohol.