Health initiative is fit for purpose

A new group which combines medical and pharmaceutical expertise with sport and fitness knowledge is now up and running in Hallglen.

Pharmacist Bryan McCarthy
Pharmacist Bryan McCarthy

Bryan McCarthy, manager of Hallglen Pharmacy, has teamed up with Falkirk athletics star Grant Plenderleith, to create Health Hub Falkirk.

Bryan said: “I decided to use what knowledge and skills I have to help the community become aware of potential problems and also offer solutions. These problems include mental health, fitness, weight monitoring, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol monitoring and testing.

“I have had meetings with GP practices, practice nurses, diabetic nurses and mental health nurses and all are willing to refer their patients if they feel the Health Hub is relevant to them.

“Through the local council and Falkirk Community Trust we have negotiated a discount for our members to use the local gym facilities at reduced cost.”

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