Falkirk businessman set to open second ice cream shop

ICE Falkirk director Kyle Gentleman
ICE Falkirk director Kyle Gentleman

Ice cream artist Kyle Gentleman is planning on opening a new store in the Falkirk district, to back up his Ice Falkirk shop in Redding.

The new store should be open this year, however the creator of the Monster ice cream and the popular Strongbow Dark Fruits flavour is remaining tight-lipped on the location.

He said: “It’ll be in the Falkirk district but I’m keeping the location out of things just now.

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“It’s going to be a busy year for me and the expansion plan is exciting – only a few people know where it will be.”

One place it won’t be though, is Falkirk town centre. We understand ithe new ICE store will be further out but still within the district.

He added: “I’ve been calling the shop ICE Falkirk because people we coming from far and wide to visit.

“I could’ve called it Ice Redding but that’d have had people driving all over England and Berkshire confused looking for it! It’s always just been Ice.”

The store rose to popularity last year with a number of alcoholic flavoured ice creams to complement the usual selection.

Kyle (27) added: “The weather has been brilliant for business so far this year!”