Even more Falkirk businesses open

Celebrations are taking place across Falkirk and the district towns as even more businesses can re-open.

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Monday, 17th May 2021, 10:20 am
Restrictions are lifting for a few key industries
Restrictions are lifting for a few key industries

Restrictions are continuing to lift, which is great news for business owners – specifically those who rely on indoor hospitality!

From today, all mainland council areas are moving from level three to level two. This will allow people to meet up inside each other’s homes in groups of up to six from three different households – but more importantly for our town centre businesses, restrictions are lifting for a few key industries.

Alcohol can now be served in pubs or restaurants, which are now allowed to stay open until 10.30pm with a two-hour booking period. The limit of six adults still stays in place, but these adults can be from up to three different households, as opposed to 2.

Falkirk Delivers are furthering the offer of their District Towns Gift Card.

This is fantastic news for town centre businesses that did not have the luxury of an outdoor space to benefit from the past few weeks – however those restrictions are also changing with up to eight adults from eight different households can now meet outdoors. Children under 12 do not need to be counted for either the total number of people or the household limit.

Falkirk Delivers are furthering the offer of their District Towns Gift Card, which can now also be used in various hospitality venues across the Falkirk District. Looking to buy a night out as a gift? Check if your local is on the list! It can be used in the following venues, with more to come:

Cheerz Behind The Wall Christie's Falkirk Erawan Thai Restaurant Johnston's Bar Bistro New Market Bar Sanam Tandoori Rialtos The Wheatsheaf High Spirits

Gift Cards are available for purchase online at falkirkdelivers.com or in person at the Howgate Help Desk. Falkirk Delivers are still looking for other businesses in Falkirk and the district towns to join the scheme – if you feel like this could be a good fit for you, get in contact with the team or visit them online at falkirkdelivers.com

Falkirk Delivers have been making sure our town centres are clean and tidy to welcome customers back.

Also experiencing great news is our local gyms, who can now offer indoor group exercises, perfect for those of you who miss classes at the gym. So many fitness organisations within the town centres had to adapt their offering over the past few months to include outdoor exercising classes, meaning they can now move classes back to their own premises.

Outdoor and indoor events can also restart with a limited capacity. This includes workshops and classes that are taking place in local businesses.

Falkirk Delivers have been keeping their followers up-to-date on town centre offerings over the past few weeks via their Facebook page. This page shares updates from the business community, and the latest information on business opening times, booking requirements and classes or events.

As well as keeping the public informed via social media, Falkirk Delivers have been continuing their work making sure business in Falkirk and the District Towns are ready to reopen. Since various restrictions lifted a few weeks ago, they have been providing various forms of assistance, like providing stock of sanitiser and social distancing markers. This support will continue for those businesses opening their doors today.

Gift Cards are available for purchase online.

Elaine Grant, BID Manager, said: “Today we see some businesses opening their doors who haven’t been able to for the best part of a year, and again I must urge you to get into your town centres and support these businesses.

“We haven’t had the best weather over the past couple of weeks, but with more restrictions lifting indoors, it’s time to support your local.”

Falkirk Delivers have also increased their workload in Falkirk and the district towns with even more environmental improvements, such as cleaning graffiti, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and making sure our town centres are clean and tidy to welcome customers back.